FF5 Bugs and Glitches

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Out of battle

System Description Status
GBA Desert of the (not so) Streaming Sands
SNES, GBA Garula Appears Far Worus Tower
GBA Tower of Magic - Event Timer Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Dash in odd places
SNES Two Galufs
GBA Two Faris
SNES, GBA Skip Kelb Town
SNES Teleport - Kelb Town
SNES Teleport - Ancient Library
SNES Eldest Tree Hates Chocobos
SNES Ghido's Cave Hates Vehicles
SNES Shiny Dragon
SNES, GBA Avoid Random Battles

Monster behavior

System Description Status
GBA Gogo AI goes haywire Cause unknown
GBA Pantera Commits Seppuku Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Counter-attack behaviour Full extent of possible effects uncharted
SNES, GBA? Regen is not (always) set Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Monster MP behaviour
SNES, GBA? Ramuh, Sandworm, Catoblepas, Sekhmet, Exdeath Cause unknown
SNES, GBA? Dropped items Cause unknown

Attack behavior

System Description Status
GBA Vampire deals (maximum HP - current HP) damage rather than half of that Cause unknown
SNES, GBA? Mix elemental properties (Resist Fire, etc.) and elemental up (Elemental Might) are removed upon equipment change
SNES, GBA? Status behaviour Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Casting Phoenix without the necessary MP (through !Dualcast, for instance), the firebird is stopped but the revival is not
SNES, GBA Dualcast allows the caster to choose spells it has no MP for Full extent of possible effects uncharted
SNES, GBA? Death + Encircle = alive with 0 HP
SNES, GBA? The Chemist's ability !Recover doesn't cure Petrify, though it should Cause unknown
SNES, GBA? Pre-set Mute and in-battle cast Mute allow different things (Blue magic) Arguably a bug
SNES Negative Magic Power underflow bug Cause unknown
SNES, GBA? Knives/Bows/Whips parameter bug Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA? Power Drink adds to Goblin Punch, nothing more
SNES, GBA? Odin's Zantetsuken appears to carve up Heavy targets when released from a Magic Lamp
SNES, GBA !Analyze yields not all results intended
GBA !Tame works on all BUT those with a Magic Beast nature, while the inverse is likely the intention
SNES Kiss of Blessing sets Berserk to the Berserk-immune, shenanigans ensue
SNES, GBA !SwdSlap
GBA(US) Return spell does not reset event-timed timers such as those active in Karnak Castle or Odin Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Release Banish Dud
SNES, GBA Aqua Breath and Big Wave/Tsunamie (!Gaia attacks) are non-elemental rather than Water-elemental Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Released Monster Blue Magic Arguably a bug
SNES !Mix + !Dualcast = wonky targeting
SNES !Hide protects you long after you return
SNES !Jump protects you long after you return
SNES Transform Item Cause unknown
SNES Throw Item Underflow
SNES Infinite Steal Item
SNES Hidden Zombie
SNES Erased Zombie
SNES, GBA? Zombified Or Resurrected
SNES Berserkers Never Run Away
SNES, GBA Control Removed Enemy
SNES, GBA? HP Leak and Time magic Quick behavior

Item behavior

System Description Status
SNES, GBA Staff of Light/Judgment Staff deals double damage with !Mug , !Rapid Fire and !Jump Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Renew Mirage Vest Image Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Man-Eater deals double damage with !Jump Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Gaia Bell is deals damage like a Long Reach Axe Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Rune Chime works like other Rune Weapons unlike other bells Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Rune Bow deals no damage, one-handed, randomly sets Silence...? Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Brave Blade/Chicken Knife's Goblin Punch remains 255/0 even when listed Battle Power changes Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Staff can be double-gripped Arguably a bug
SNES, GBA Multiple Wonder Wands use a single byte to keep track to which spells to use next Arguably a bug

Event behavior

System Description Status
SNES, GBA Galuf's ghost in Sealed Castle
SNES, GBA Lenna Spirit Talks
SNES Gilgamesh may not appear versus Necrophobe
SNES, GBA Re-enter Gohn town before it flies into the sky


System Description Status
GBA Extra MP is lost after switching jobs and reequipping magic abilities Cause unknown
SNES, GBA Butz Blue Mage Left Hand Animation
SNES, GBA Werewolves Prayer Disrupted
SNES North Mountain Walk On Air
SNES Walk Through Walls - Pyramid of Moore
SNES Walk Through Walls - Istory Falls
SNES, GBA !Hide from Reflective Zombie teammates, win all battles rather than run Arguably a bug
SNES?, GBA Evasion from equipment other than Shields is ignored Arguably a bug