FF5 Bug:Transform Item

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Have your top character equip with these items:

  • Any Weapon / Shield / Nothing
  • Any (Item to transform)
  • Ribbon
  • White Robe / Angel Robe
  • Guard Ring / Giant's Gloves

NOTE: All these 3/5 items gives you Vitality boost

Have other characters with the magic Time equipped so they can cast the spell Quick (Can be the Job or ability). Have them at low HP so they can kill themselves in a single hit (you can equip a strong weapon with no armor). It can be only 1 character, but having the 3 of them gives you more chances to try the bug...

Go into a battle and have the caster use Quick. Then on the first turn, suicide the caster. You can now finish the battle or escape (just don't try using the magic Return nor having the top character switch his equipment in battle, though using items - like Phoenix Down to revive the caster - is fine).

The item on the first character's left hand might change. It has a low chance of happening and the reason why and how it happens is still unknown. However, it has a chance of 2 out of every 8 frames to work (therefore works 25% of the time).

The item will change to its prior one on the item list. So having equipped for example a Javelin (17), it may transform to the Ragnarok (16). If you have equipped the Enhancer (6E) it may transform to the Dancing Dagger (6D). If you have equipped Nothing (00), the item may transform to EfuEfu (FF), and so on.

Note that you can normally equip only weapons and shields. However with this bug you can equip ANY item. The only problem is that you will need to perform the bug several times to morph the item into for example a ring.

This bug needs to be researched as why this setting is needed and why it only happens with low chances (what is limiting it). Using save states you can trigger the same battle and sometimes being able to trigger the bug and other times not, so is not dependent on the battle formation. Chances are that is dependent on the battle RNG counters (7E003A, 7E003B) but that's just a guess.

Here's a video of the bug in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfJmcWg70W8