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Fancy Walking FF6 patch 9-21-12 Lenophis
Anchors Aweigh! FF6 patch 9-17-12 Lenophis
Genjioff - Apply directly to your relics! FF6 patch 1-19-12 Lenophis
Lofty experience FF6 patch 12-29-11 Lenophis
FF5+ FF5 patch 9-13-11 Jorgur
Rockman No Constancy NSFE 9-13-11 Miracon
Rockman Grayzone NSFE 9-13-11 Miracon
Megaman Ultra NSFE 9-13-11 Miracon
Easytype + v2.0 FF1 patch 9-13-11 JCE3000GT
Menu Window Enhancement FF1 patch 9-13-11 JCE3000GT
Menu Blitz FF6 patch 9-13-11 Ronnen
Fanaticism FF6 patch 9-13-11 Ronnen
Invisible Chests in the Phantom Train FF6 patch 9-13-11 darkmage

Robowar Robot Archive

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Aeneas III David Harris
Black Mage Jeremy P
Blade Giles
Coroner 1 ???
Coroner 2 ???
Deathbot Asgath
Dumbot David Harris
Existentialist Matthew Sakai
Freud David Harris
Ghost Matthew Sakai
HammerBot Disch
Invisbot David Harris
Invisible Stalker Doug Harris
Leibniz Giles
Lewis Girod David Harris
Minebot IEEE Group
Movebot David Harris
Pearl Matthew Sakai
Robot B2 David Wasserman
Shazbot Dave Gagnon
Shotbot David Harris
Silo IV Matthew Sakai
Slammer Disch
Starbot Mk 1 Matthew Sakai
Starbot Mk 2 Matthew Sakai
Suicide Tim Seufert
Timbot Tim Seufert
Timbot II Tim Seufert
Timbot IV Tim Seufert

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