Jade tips
Welcome to the help center for Jade. This page will give general tips or answer questions about Jade's ability.
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Your issue not in here? Got something to report? Send it here and I'll see if I can help you further.
Note: Any email sent that has an answer on this page will be ignored.

Jade is open source software, and is presented "as is." If you find yourself getting Jade from a spot that isn't here, here, or here and are having problems...
  • A: The version you have is old
  • B: Whoever is hosting a copy shouldn't, and probably added spyware and/or other forms of stupidity to it.
  • C: You didn't know where to look, which is ok.
You can always find the latest version of Jade here. As always, Jade comes with no warranty, and if you are paranoid about using it, don't.