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Welcome to FF4 R&D - Read First
« on: April 16, 2008, 07:27:07 PM »
I finally got around to writing this... but anyways...

This board serves more to documenting behavior of this game, whether it be by observation or by looking into the code.

Romhacking information can also be found and posted here. Feel free to contribute any info. If you are to use any info, you must give credit to the source.

You may also feel free to ask questions about anything posted here, however discussions on comparing stuff should be posted in Gaming Discussion instead.

FF4 Versions Referenced Here Are (Primarily) Covered:

  • FF2 - SNES US Version of FF4
  • FF4 - Original Jap version
  • FF4ET - Easytype version of FF4, do not suggest it is FF2 in Japanese, because that is completely untrue
  • FF4A - GBA port of FF4WS, US and Euro versions primarily covered which should match up with Jap 1.0 and 1.1 revisions respectively

Versions Not (Fully) Covered:

  • FF4PSX - The port is part of the FF Chronicles/European Anthology collection. It's likely a port of Easy Type's engine, with the data from the original FF4.
  • FF4WS - Wonderswan Color remake of FF4. This one is likely the same as first releases of the GBA version, but hasn't been looked into at all.
  • FF4DS - DS remake of FF4. Somewhat covered, but pretty massive changes have been made to the game.
  • FF4TAY - The After Years, which runs on an engine nearly identical to the GBA version. The WiiWare port is somewhat covered, but not the original Japanese cellphone release.

Internal Workings (and other useful information)

FF4 Algo - Input Requested (Deathlike2's Algorithms Guide - starting here is recommended)
The Holy Grail - Magic Algorithm
The Other Holy Grail - Attack Algo
THE Command Thread
THE Status Thread
FF4 bug list?
FF4A Bug List
FF4 Walkthrough - WIP
Useful Links
DS Version Research
The After Years Research

For ROM Hackers

Official FF2us/FF4 documents thread.
Official request thread
FF4 Tools (Phoenix's text, event, and map editor)
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