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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #45 on: October 06, 2017, 01:43:33 PM »
^ this is identical to your 10/3 post, aside from changing 5 nonessential words.  why not flip a coin and delete one?


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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #46 on: October 06, 2017, 09:23:31 PM »
I have decided to have Shadow Tempest from the MLP movie become Barbariccia. Seeing her behavior before her redemption, it's perfect to have her play that character. I've watched Late 2016 My Little Pony: The Movie by the way. Here's the Japanese version of the Filly Fantasy IV title screen. Before "The End" comes after the staff roll, have the game say Licensed by Square. That way, we can give credit to people who created the original game.
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #47 on: October 10, 2017, 07:14:43 PM »
Playable Character family Relationships is Filly Fantasy IV:
Applebloom and Applejack are sisters.
Sweetie Belle and Rarity are sisters.
Zephyr is Fluttershy's younger brother.
Luna and Tia(Celestia) are sisters.
Shiny and Amore are Twilight Sparkle's older siblings.
Sunset Shimmer is Twilight Sparkle's best friend and adopted older sister.
Flurry Heart is all grown up here and is the daughter of Princess Amore and Shining Armor.
Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's adopted sister but her older sister is not playable.

The reason why I've decided to make Sunset Shimmer Twilight Sparkle's adopted older sister because she plays Golbez and having her become a playable Golbez stays true to the MLP canon. I've watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the 2017 My Little Pony movie, and Equestria Girls and that inspired me to make Filly Fantasy IV be based on the Playable Golbez Edition. Unlike the original Final Fantasy IV, most of the storyline is based on the MLP canon. The beginning and end is different to stay true to the MLP canon. Applebloom takes over for Kain during the beginning of the game, and Luna takes over for Golbez at the ending before Sunset Shimmer and her sister/friends go back to Equestria. If you're wondering, shards are crystals for Filly Fantasy IV. You're going to be happy when that hack comes out. I'am the director of that hack and you'll enjoy that game once it's released.
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #48 on: October 22, 2017, 12:59:24 PM »
I have decided that the spirit talking to Twilight Sparkle shortly before she becomes a princess will be Starswirl the Bearded. The reason for this is because, Twilight has to become an alicorn if she wants to defeat the evil she-demon. Here's the script before she goes back to the starting town where she sees Storm King who is King Sombra in disguise.

"My Little Princess..."
You've grown to be a beautiful
I will give you my friendship.
My friendship will be an apology for my selfish
(Twily transforms into an Alicorn)
You must amend your past guilt!
Understanding friendship will make you
stronger and beautiful than ever before.
Defeat her...Your old unicorn self!
(Unicorn and Alicorn Twilight meet each other)
Trixie:2 Twiliys?!
Belle:What's going on here?
Belle:Watch out!
Scoot:Princess Twily!
Twily:Stand back!
This is my fight!
To become a princess, I have to defeat my
unicorn self!

(Battle against Unicorn)
To be a real princess, you must stand guard!
Nothing compares to the magic of friendship.
That is true justice.
Go! Twilight!

Well done...
I will give you my friendship
and convert it into the power of light.
Thanks for your help!
Friend of mine...
Twily: Starswirl!

"Twilight becomes an Alicorn"
Scoot: You've become...An Alicorn Princess!
Belle: Woah!
Twilght: Who was that voice? It feels so familiar.
Trixie: Oh, yes!
Scoot: Trixie?
Trixie: My spells! I remember them now!
"Trixie remembered all of her spells"
Tellah: !? Me...teor? That light gave me the
strongest black magic, Meteor!
"Trixie learned Meteor"
Scoot:You are powerful, Trixie.
Belle: Scootaloo...
Scoot:To tell you the truth, we--
Trixie: Sunset is doomed! Huah ha ha!
Trixie: What are you doing, Twily? We must go!
Twily: Right...
Twily:But, that light... It called me "my friend"...
(Trixie leaves)
Belle: Hey, wait up!
(Sweetie Belle leaves)
Scoot: Here we go, Twily!
Twily: Let's do this!
(Scootaloo and Twilight Sparkle leave)
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #49 on: October 25, 2017, 10:30:57 PM »
Sunset Shimmer's Quotes and some other quotes for Filly Fantasy IV:

When Sunset Shimmer appears under Adagio's mind control spell, and sees the party, the room turns red similar to how the room turned dark in the original game when Golbez appears as an evildoer.

Throughout most of Filly Fantasy IV, Sunset will act like a friendly jerk, and a merciless, power-hungry demon stopping at nothing until she rules Equestria with an iron first. In reality, Sunset Shimmer is a poor lonely mare who was bullied by a demon who took advantage of Sunset's negativity.

Luna, why do you resist?
(Sunset appears)
Twily:You're Sunset Shimmer!
Sunset:Hello, Twilight!
It's a shame I have
to destroy you!
(Sunset attacks Twily)
Bloom:Leave her alone!
Sunset: I do not listen to inferiors!
(Sunset attack Bloom and Zephyr with bolt of energy)
Sunset:Luna, take the shard now!
Luna:Yes, mam!
Shy:Luna, stop!
Twily:Fluttershy, watch out!
Sunset:So, you adore this young mare?
Then I shall take her with me to raise the stakes.
Consider this my generosity.
Kain: Your life was in jeopardy, Twily!
Twily:Come back...!


(screen shifts to Sunset's lair)
Sunset:Oh, Crysalis!
(Crysalis appears)
Crysalis: Crysalis ground-type, at your command...
Sunset:Twily is becoming an
alicorn princess. We must stop
her immediately.
Fortunatly, she is an Unicorn.
Her weaker magic will not
work against your changelings.
She ascends Mt. Everhoof as we speak.
Crysalis: So she desires to become a princess...?
Sunset:You must dispose of her beforehand.
Crysalis:You'll be happy once
I return with her head, Sunset.
Sunset:Then go!
Crysalis:Yes, mam.
(Crysalis disappears)
Sunset:This should be interesting.
Don't you agree, Luna?
Luna:Yes, but don't underestimate Twilight's
Sunset:It's a shame she
had to live.
I sent Crysalis to go after her.
Crysalis is one of the Four Elements of Chaos.
She will not fail!
Right, Fluttershy?
Luna:Allow me to dispose Twilight!
Sunset:You dare disappoint your master?!
Just be grateful I let you live after that blunder!
Luna:Yes, mam!
Shy:Twily, help me...!


(screen shifts to Sunset's lair)
Sunset:She defeated Sombra.
Her beauty makes me jealous.
Luna:Regarding the last shard...
Sunset:I know, but that place remains a problem.
Luna:How about we let Twilight get it for us?
Hmm...Not bad.
And I will destroy her at the time of exchange.
Luna:I will give her my message.
Shy: Luna!
Luna:You'll see soon enough that I am better
than Princess Twilight!

(Castle of Zot)
AJ:Where are ya hiding?!
Luna:Be patient...
Queen Sunset would like to thank you.
Sunset: You have exceeded my expectations.
Trixie: Show yourself, you coward!
Sunset:I'm sorry you're worried, but
I have a surprise for you.
Sunset:Your friend and I are at the top of this tower.
Bring the Crystal here, and we will make the trade.
Sunset: You better hurry, before she is murdered!
Now, get over here!

(Castle of Zot 6F)
Sunset:Thank you, all...
Trixie: Where's Fluttershy!?
Sunset: The shard comes first.
Twily:I hope Fluttershy is okay!
Sunset:Oh, she's fine.
Now hand it over!
Twily:Here it is!
(You gave up Earth Shard!)
Twily:Return her this minute!
Sunset:  Your friend? Don't you mean
AJ:Ya tricked us!
Trixie:Now that's the bad girl
we love to hate!
Sunset:I have no business with
you, stupid girl!
Trixie:Not from you, but from me!
(Trixie charges towards Sunset)
Trixie:Remember Starlight's pain!

(auto-battle against Sunset with Trixie only)
Sunset:Stupid girl! You can't defeat me!
Trixie: I'll cast Meteor.
Twily:Trixie! No!
Bloom:You will not live!
Trixie:I'll take you down
with all my energy!
(Trixie uses Meteor)
Sunset:Meteor?! NOOOOOO!
(Sunset is defeated, Trixie falls)
Sunset:I can't believe a weakling like you
used Meteor...
Sunset:It matters not. I have the Shard.
Let's go Luna!
Sunset:Meteor must have disabled
my spell over her! Very well, I'm done with you.
Mark my words Twily, you will pay for this!
Twily:Stop it, Sunset!
(Twily tries to follow Sunset)
Sunset:Grrr...Don't TEST ME!
(Sunset casts a lightning bolt at Twily, knocking her down)
Sunset: ...!?
Why...won't you murder me...?
Twily: ...?
Sunset: What is going--aagh!
Twily: ...?
Sunset:I will deal with you later!
(Sunset leaves)   

For those who feel sad about losing the great and powerful Trixie in Filly Fantasy IV,
here's a script for you:
AJ: Y'alright there?
Cecil: I'm fine...
Meteor must have weakened Sunset.
Trixie:She got away...
AJ:Keep still!
Trixie:I guess this is my punishment
for fighting with pride...
Avenge Starlight...
and me...
AJ:Wake up, stupid girl!
AJ:May you and yer friend
rest in peace...
Starlight and you...
will be avenged!

Starlight and Trixie are in heaven now as of this scene, we will go back to
Sunset Shimmer's script.

(Changeling Castle)

Apples: Owww!
Big bully!
But we already told Sunset about this place!
She's gonna get you!
(Apples vanish)
(Sunset appears)
"We meet again..."
Sunset:It looks like the
great-and-powerful mage
is now extinct.
To reward your efforts, I will tell you why I am gathering the shards.
The eight shards of light and darkness are keys to reactivating the Crystal Tower,
which leads to the moon. The moon possesses more power than I can ever imagine.
I need one more shard now that I have seven of them.
As gratitude for helping me, I have a special farewell gift
to you!

(battle against Sunset)
Golbez: Oh, please!
Is that your power?
Let's end this!
(Sunset uses Demon leaving entire party with 1 HP)
I see your weaknesses.
You will know fear!
(Tantabus appears and kills off party members one by one, leaving Twily for last)
Sunset:Goodbye, Twily!
(Windigo appears and defeats Tantabus)
Sunset:Don't tell me
that's a Windigo?!
(Rarity uses Elixir)
???:You are safe now!
(Rarity appears and battle against Sunset begins for real)
Sunset:What is happening...?!
(Sunset falls)
Twily:Yeah! We defeated Sunset!
Shy:Thank you, Rarity!
Twily:Why do you look so different?
Rarity:Novo took me
to the Monster World.
Twily:Monster World?
Rarity:The world where summoned
monsters live.
We became friends during my stay.
I can't use White Magic
anymore, but I improved my skills
as a Summoner and learned Black Magic.
Shy:So that's why you've grown
so much?
Luna:Twily, who is she?!
Twily:She's the filly I
found in the Crystal Empire!
Luna:That filly!?
Bloom:Fortune favors us indeed.
Twily:I'm sorry for what
happened to your mother.
Rarity:It's not your fault!
The Princess in the Monster World told me
that a greater force is secretly at work.
We must confront it together.
"Rarity joined the party!"
"I am not finished!"
(Sunset's body turns into a demonic hand and takes the Shard)
Twily:The shard!

(Crystal Tower 1F)
"You impress me..."
Sunset:I'm getting tired over
the cute pony thing.!
(bridge starts to collapse behind party - party tries to get away, but falls, and is caught by airship)

(as party leaves Griffon Cave screen turns red)
"Luna...You belong to me, Luna...
Give me the shard..."
(Here's a twist to the story)
Luna:I...I'm not Sunset's
pawn anymore!
Shy:That's the spirit!
Twily:Sorry, Sunset!
Luna is no longer
under your control!
Sunset:Very well. You
were a useless pawn to
me anyway. Begone!
Twily:Stop it!
(Sunset uses Demon to tire out party)
Sunset:Thank you!
"You lost Dark Shard!"
Rarity: I'm ruined!
Sunset:At last! I have
enough power to reach the moon!
The Crystal Tower can be reactivated!
Twily:You won't get away with this!
Sunset:Oh, I will!
Sunset: Farewell, losers...

(The CPU system has exploded)
Twily:We did it!
Luna:The giant calmed down!
"How dare you!"
(Sunset appears)
Sunset:You're going to pay for ruining
my world domination plan!
Tia:That's enough!
Sunset:What are you doing?
Tia:Have you lost your mind?
Wake up!
(Tia casts a spell, then collapses)
Sunset:Ughhh...Why did I act so evil?
Tia:Do you remember your real name? Shimmer.
Shy:Sunset is...!
Twily:Big sister...!?
Tia:Adagio preyed upon
your pain. She had
no one else to control
but you.
Twily:All this vendetta was against my best friend...?
Sunset:Yes. Seeing you as
you are...I was surprised
to see you become an
beautiful princess.
Twily:So you
were Adagio's pawn
after all.
Sunset:That was me. My mind
was stained with negativity for
Adagio to exploit.
Twily:What will you do now?
Sunset:I will atone for
Adagio's hatred!
Flash:Hold it, Sunset!
(Flash appears)
Flash:You won't get
away with the murder of
my parents! It's time for you
to pay!
Rarity:Flash, wait!
Rarity:Have mercy on
Sunset Shimmer! She
is Twily's friend.
Sunset has been brainwashed
by the evil mastermind,
You have no one to blame,
but Adagio for those crimes.
Sunset:I'm sorry for
what happened to your
parents, Flash Sentry.
If you must, wield your
hatred and crush me.
But first, you must deal with
Flash:Adagio? What
are you talking about!?
Tia:She's the demon
that must be stopped!
Flash: Celestia! I'm glad you're
Tia:General Flash, huh?
I sense such potential
in you...
Flash:My magic will make evil
cower in fear!
Tia:If you want to fight
Adagio, come with me!
We must go to the
moon to seal her power!
Flash:Adagio Dazzle?!
Who is she!?
Tia:I will explain on the
way. We can use the Crystal Tower's
teleportation device.
Sunset:Get going you two!
Tia:Don't worry,
Adagio won't take control
of your powers again.
We will safeguard, your
power, and Twily's, from
her influence.
Tia:We must hurry!
Adagio must be taught a lesson!
Flash:See you later,
(Flash and Tia leave together)
Twily:Time to part...
(Giant stars to shake and party escapes the Giant)

(Moon Whale)
Sunset:My mind
is free from Adagio's
mind control. I am ready to
pay for my crimes.
Sunset:I was consumed
with jealousy, hatred,
and loneliness...
Luna:Don't blame yourself!
I've been where you are,
and made the same mistake.
Shy:Then... what do
you remember of one another?
Twily:I thought that
I was going to be
the most beautiful
and powerful unicorn...
But I never knew that
someone would strip me
of my powers.
Sunset:Adagio took away
my innocence, and my
Sunset:I love you all,
but everypony is not
as friendly as you are.
You're the only friends I
have left, please help me...
Rarity:How can they regain
her trust?
(Twily walks to Sunset and gives her friendship)
Twily:I have a better idea.
Come with us...
To the moon!
Luna:Well done!
Shy:Let's do this!
Twily:This is your time
to shine, and find your
Twily:We need you, Sunset
Sunset:Thanks, Twily!
Luna:It's time we get
even with Adagio!
Sunset:Keep me safe
in case I turn evil
again to Adagio!
Twily:Me and my
friends will keep you
in good company. Our
friendship will never be broken.
I feel worried about Flash and
Luna:She's my sister!
Shy:They'll need our help!
Rarity:This must be the final
battle, right?
Sunset:Yes! And Adagio will
pay for ruining the lives
of innocents!
"Sunset joined the party!"

Before we get to the the final battle and ending part of the
game, there's a she-demon fight script and that's where you get the Daybreaker
sword where you got the Masamune for Edge in the original game and will be
the red colored sword like Edge's strongest weapon. It will have no effect on the
ending since I promised that Sunset Shimmer will get a happy ending after she
defeats Adagio punishing her master for all the crimes she had done in

(Room turns purely red)
"You ponies of Equestia dare challenge
me, the sword of demonic
Sunset:This evil presence? I've heard
of this before...
"Rejected princess!
Amend your past guilt!
Then you can face
Adagio Dazzle!"
(Battle against She-Demon) light
has returned!
"Sunset regains her true
Well done, Sunset Shimmer!
You have become as strong
as your adopted little
sister, Twilight Sparkle!
Become the lightbearer and
slay Adagio with this
sacred sword!
"Recieved Daybreaker!"

Here's the final room of the game with the script
of the finale.

(Moon Core)

Twily:Flash, Celestia!

(auto battle with Tia and Flash against Adagio)
Tia:Very good, Flash!
Flash:Let's try Meteor!
Adagio:Do your worst!
(Tia and Flash cast W.Meteor)
Adagio:My spirit will live on forever!
(Adagio is defeated)

Flash:We got her!
Tia:What a mess.
All she become was nothing
more than narcissist.
Luna:I agree!
Tia:Welcome back, girls!
Luna:Looks like I'm too
evil to fight Adagio.
(Adagio starts to move and turns into flame)
"I am power made flesh..
fueled by negativity."
"I am...Adagio! Hatred is what drives me!"
(Adagio attacks group, knocking all but Tia and Flash down)
Tia:We amplified her evil energy!
Sunset:Adagio! I will stop you right
where you stand!
Tia:It's over, Adagio!

(autobattle with Tia and Flash against Adagio)
Tia:Meteor is useless!
Crystal heart, Flash!
(Flash uses Crystal)
Adagio:A pony of
vengeance has no power
to use the Crystal
(Adagio uses Meteor on Tia and Flash and defeats them)
Adagio:Agony...Despair...I have enough malice
to conquer Equestria!
You there! It is your turn! Tremble in my
(screen shifts to Tower of Prayers)
Belle:My friends are in trouble!
Sunburst:All who love them
must now give love.
Sunburst:Everyone! Let us
send friendship to Twily!
Zephyr:Show me that
courage of yours!
AJ:We're all waitin' for ya!
Mechanics:Come home safe!
Yak King:Return peace to
Pinkie:Hang in there!
Clerics:You're our last hope!
Belle:Stand up!
Scoot:Twilight! Everyone!
Sunburst:Moon! Give them strength!
(screen shifts back to Moon Core)
Twily:Flash! FLASH!
(Twily walks up to Flash Sentry)!
"Obtained Crystal Heart!"
Cecil: Adagio... For all the crimes you have done in Equestria... I will not lose!

(battle against Adagio)
Scoot:We love you!
"Received their love!"
(all party members are revived)
(Belle and Scoot vanish)
(Zephyr and Trixie appear)
Zephyr:Go, ninja girl!
Trixie:Do not lose!
"Received their hope!"
(Shy and Rarity are fully restored)
(Zephyr and Trixie vanish)
(Bloom and AJ appear)
Bloom:Go, Sunset!
AJ:I believe in ya!
"Received their faith!"
(Sunset is fully restored)
(Bloom and AJ vanish)
(Tia and Flash appear)
Tia:Good luck, girls!
(Luna and Twily is fully restored)
Use the Crystal Heart to
unlock her true form!
Playtime's over, Adagio!
(Tia and Flash vanish)
(Twily uses Crystal Heart on Adagio or Sunset if she defeats he she-demon form)
"Her true colors emerge!"
(if Adagio uses Black Hole)
"Buffs neutralized!"
as long as evil...exsists...
in the hearts... of ponies...!"
(Adagio is defeated)

Tia:I'd knew you had the
potential to evolve!
Flash:Amen, mam!
Sunset:About Adagio's words...
Shy:As long as evil exists...
Tia: Everypony is a sinner.
That will not change!
Your good deeds overcame evil
and that helped Sunset Shimmer
defeat Adagio Dazzle!
Flash:Well said, Princess!
I'd knew Sunset was innocent!
Rarity:It's a miracle you
weren't controlled by Adagio!
Flash:Heh! It's all good!
Tia:I thank you all for your help. We must
now return to our sleep.
And you?
Twily:We are going home.
Shy:Our friends are waiting for us!
Tia:Very well. You have incredible
friends. I hope we can meet again!
Luna:May I come with you?
Luna:I want to apologize for
all the trouble I've caused in Equestria.
Besides, I was the one that
started this mess.
Tia:We forgive you. At least you'll
be safer at home with me.
I am happy!
Luna:Thanks for helping me
overcome my insequirities!
Sorry for the trouble
Sunset and I put you through!
Tia:May you live in
peace, my little ponies.
Let's go, Luna!
Shy:Say, thank you to Luna!
Sunset:Twily! You won't see
Luna for a long time!
Rarity:Say it!
Twily:...Thank you, Luna!
Luna:You're welcome...

Unlike the original game, Sunset will return back to Equestria because
she defeated Adagio and everyone forgave Sunset Shimmer as they
were wrong about who Sunset Shimmer really was.

(Scene shifts to Canterlot Castle, Twily's room)
Twily:I...I thought I heard
Princess Luna.
Twily:Never mind...
Sunset:What are you
two girls doing? We
have a princess ceremony!
Shy:Sorry about that!
Sunset:You have friends
waiting to see you!
Or should I say, ninja
Shy:Fluttershy is fine.
You are the flower girl
for the ceremony!
Come on down!
Shy:Okay, Sunset!
(Sunset leaves)
Shy:It's been a while
since we last saw our friends!
Come on, Twily!
(Shy leaves)
Twily: I did hear her...
She said...
(Scene shifts to Canterlot Castle throne room)
(Princess coronation begins. Twily, Shy, AJ, and Sunset
are present. Flash arrives followed by Yak King,
Pinkie, Bloom, Belle, Scoot, Zephyr, and Rarity. Everyone gathers and cheers.)

This is the end of the Sunset Shimmer's scripts for Filly Fantasy IV. I thank all
the scripts from various Final Fantasy IV releases including the Playable
Golbez Edition with the majority of the Ponified script of Final Fantasy
IV coming from various Generation IV episodes, spin-offs, and movies of
My Little Pony.

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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #50 on: November 02, 2017, 05:36:22 PM »
The first four menu sprites are Rarity, Filly Rarity, Unicorn Twilight, and Applejack which are ponified menu sprites of Adult Rydia, Kid Rydia, Unicorn Twilight, and Alicorn Twilight. Sunset Shimmer's menu sprite for Filly Fantasy IV will be done in the style of Edge Geraldine's menu sprite from the original game even though she represents playable Golbez for Filly Fantasy IV.
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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Here is Celestia's picture for Ponified Fusoya Menu sprite in Filly Fantasy IV.
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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This attachment will have pictures of Zephyr Breeze and Luna for ponified Edward/Gilbert and Luna menu sprites.


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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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These next set of pictures feature Princess Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Fluttershy. These will be used to make ponified menu sprites of Paladin Cecil, Palom, Porom, and Rosa.


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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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Because of picture size limits, I had to make separate files for Trixie and Applebloom. The last two pictures for ponified Tellah and Yang feature Trixie and Applebloom. Applebloom is shortened to Bloom due to name size limits. The pictures I researched for menu sprites fit to whatever each pony play as.


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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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Here are Quotes from Princess Celestia for Filly Fantasy IV:
Twily:Who are you?
Tia:I'm Princess Celestia,
the Sun Princess.
Tia:Yes. Long ago,
my sister and I lived
on a planet like no other.
We called it the red moon...
but it was destroyed by Meteors.
Our survivors escaped by ship to Equestria...
Your world.
But ponykind had just begun. So we
disguised our ship as a simple moon...
This moon!
And we sleep until the
day our two pony kinds meet together.
Tia:But one refused to listen,
and forced me to become her
Tia:Her name is
Adagio. She became petulant after I
didn't make her a princess.
Twily:Why did Sunset turn evil?
Tia:Adagio brainwashed
your friend.
She wanted to restore the Babel Tower, and wake the
giant machine to destroy Equestrian life.
Twily:Who made the Big Whale?
Tia:That was Starswirl's work. He loved
Equestrian life.
On one visit, he raised two unicorns
as students.
One of his students is...
You, Twily.
Twily:So that voice at Mt. Everhoof was--
Tia:I believe it was Starswirl the Bearded.
He gave you his power to
thwart the machinations of poor
deluded Adagio.
Luna:But the tower is shielded!
Tia:I can neutralize the shield. Let's hurry!
Tia joined the party!

(Lunar whale flies back to earth, where Giant is about to be summoned)
Rarity: NOOOOOO!
Twilt:The Babel Tower!?
Tia:We were too late!
Luna:Oh dear!
Tia: The Babel Giant will come forth!
(Giant of Babil appears in front of Tower of Babil and walks forward, blasting the land around it)
Rarity:It's too powerful!
Rarity:What can we do?!
Twily:Wait, what's that?
(tanks appear and fire on Giant)
Ruth:Yak tanks, ho!
Fight for Equestria!
Bloom:I'm not restin'
while yer fightin'! We're all
in this together!
Breezees:To the end!
(airships appear and fire on Giant as well)
AJ: As long as I'm here,
you've got nothin' to worry about!
Full throttle, boys!
Apprentices: Aye, mam!
Scoot: What's up, big girl!
Belle: Sunburst restored us to normal.
Sunburst:This battle is not yours alone!
We must fight for all of Equestria!
Zephyr:I'll show you my ninja
Epopts:Everyone is in this
(tanks and airships exchange fire with Giant)
Twily:Thank you, all!
Shy:The giant...It's confused!
Tia:Let's get inside while we can!
Luna:So we destroy the
giant's heart!
Twily:Help us, AJ!
(AJ approaches Moon Whale in airship)
Tia:Approach its mouth!
AJ:Who is this beautiful white princess?
Twily:Applejack...This is Princess Celestia!
Tia:Are you up to the task?
AJ:Leave it to me, mam!
There's nothin' I can't do!
(airship flies towards Giant)
AJ:Hang on!
(airship flies closer to Giant, dropping group inside it)

(Babel Giant)
(Discord appears)
Welcome, friends!
(Tempest appears)
You cannot stop the Giant!
(Sombra appears)
All of you...
(Chrysalis appears)
Will burn in Tataurus!
Twily:Elements of Chaos!
Chrysalis:Queen Adagio...
Sombra: Resurrected us...
Tempest:To destroy you
once and for all!
Discord:This will be a battle between
me and your friends...
I shall restore you to normal first!
"HP and MP restored!"
Discord:Let's get crazy!
(Battle against Elements)
Chrysalis:Queen Adagio!
(Chrysalis disappears)
Sombra: Have mercy on us...
(Sombra disappears)
Tempest:Stop the giant!
(Tempest disappears)
Discord:You're my last hope!
(Discord disappears)

(Babel Giant Core)
Tia:This is the giant's control
We must destroy the defense system or the main system
will repair itself!

(The last chapters of quotes dealing with Celestia is shown from 6 posts ago)
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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If you are wondering about Adagio, I've wanted to make her a perfect example of a pure narcissist. Even when Adagio's base form is destroyed, she is beautiful but deadly. Because she represents Zemus, I've wanted to make Adagio the Satan of the game. She plays god to her own benefits without any care to everyone but herself. When Adagio controls Sunset, her pawn is a complete egotist wanting revenge against Twilight Sparkle as Twilight is the source of her hatred, jealousy, and loneliness even though she does remember Twilight when she sees her as a princess. Adagio's base form is Adagio's face minus her afro hair mashed up with Zemus. As I said, Adagio's siren forms take over for Zeromus cause she is a girl that lusts for princesshood and wants nothing more than to take over Equestria with an iron fist as princess.
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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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I've heard complaints from Final Fantasy IV players about Edge being the weak ninja and we didn't get to play as the minor villain in the original game.
I've decided to have the ninja and minor villain playable in Filly Fantasy IV as a result of this complaint. The ninja character will be Fluttershy and will act like a ninja princess. Like Golbez in fedorajoe's hack of Final Fantasy IV, Sunset Shimmer will the final playable character for Filly Fantasy IV. This hack will have positive reviews from many Final Fantasy IV players once it is released.


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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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If you guys are wondering about the overworld sprites for Filly Fantasy IV, you're going to have to use the overworld sprites from Filly Fantasy VI and Pony Fantasy VI as a base especially the ones seen from and as a base with some replies on this site telling the sources of battle sprites.


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Re: Filly Fantasy IV
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Wait I'm confused... you said you don't have time to work on this hack, but you have time to post all this stuff regarding this hypothetical project?! Why not just get in there and start working on it yourself, looks like you've planned it all out quite well and spent a considerable amount of time that you do not have doing so. I highly doubt anyone is going to make this hack FOR you, but if there ever is (God forbid) a Filly Fantasy IV, I suppose all this info would be nice to have. It's been an amusing thread at least, and for that I thank you!