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FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« on: June 04, 2017, 12:16:17 PM »
more a presentation of the "idea" than anything solid.

1) MP/action economy

Battle starts with 10 MP, except for certain class bonus (below) and some equipment.
ELEMENT1 spells cost 0 MP, stronger and more specific spells > 0.
Magic damage is reworked so that even the lowest spells remain relevant by changing fixed spell power into a percentage modifer of the weapon power.
Staff and Rod provide and small bonus on top of that.

Guarding grants 100 MP, next to the usual recovery options like Ethers and Osmose.
If MP is at least 100 at the end of a turn, that character skips wait and immediatly gets to act again.
ATB only moves when noone can do anything.
If you're seeing parallels to Bravely Default, it was kinda the inspiration.

And yes, that makes the Quick spell useless. Will be replaced.
Hmmm... one source of bugs less, strike!


2) classes

We have 4 characters and all have access to the same 22 classes, including Freelancer and Mime.
No more!
Noone gets to keep the Hobo class, they learned a profession after all :P
Aside from that, I block 6 classes per character, so each one has 15 classes to choose from. E.g. Bartz can never be a Chemist while Lenna just doesn't have it in her to go Berserker.
Less breakage, more character diversity.

Each class gets to teach 7 abilities, some duplicates across classes for the basics, but the heavy stuff like !X-Fight and !X-Magic should stay unique and as a 7th ability.
Additionally stupid stuff like White1-6 goes and only teaches White once. You don't have to learn 6 times how to wield a sword either, neither has !Blue that problem.

Changing into a class no longer changes stats, instead levelling a class grants permanent stat bonuses, 3 out of HP, MP (starting bonus and max), STR, AGL, MAG, VIT. Duplicates possible.
E.g. each level of Monk gives +2x VIT and +1x HP (30 HP before VIT %bonus)

ABP required is not based on which ability you learn next but purely on how many class levels you already have.
From the 30th class level it costs 999 ABP then. I've so far decided against a hard cap of class levels.


3) items

Consumables aren't used up, instead you get a cooldown during which you can't use !Item.
Higher item stacks increase effect or lower cooldown. E.g. 1x Potion heals 30 HP, 99x Potion 2000 HP.
Mix still uses items up because it is that broken.
Undecided on Drink and Throw.

Out of battle healing is not possible anymore (except for tents), instead you get a free partial heal based on VIT on victory.


4) equipment

Equipment is changed from Helm, Armor and Relic to 3x Relic.
Non-shields have to get renamed.


5) elements

Everything should get one of the eight elements this game has instead of 90% neutral.
Weapons belong to one element per type, i.e. swords would be fire except for special cases.
Armors for defensive obviously, each element would give 2 resistances and 2 weaknesses, mix gear badly and you're suddenly weak to 6 elements.
The only thing I'd allow to be neutral would be the final boss. Everything else, enemy or otherwise, should have elemental affinity (i.e. weaknesses).

Also, I'm still stuck on the biggest hurdle: the hack's name. :sad:
I've decided on the acronym, not on the long title. Go figure...


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2017, 01:21:02 PM »
Are you talking about FF5?  :laugh:
Because if nothing else, F5 stands for easy job change and NO classes ... at all :)


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2017, 01:43:23 PM »
This is quite an interesting and ambitious concept - I'd be interested to see how some of the ideas play out.

Elemental affinities being ubiquitous might necessitate changing how weaknesses work - negating all magic defense and doubling damage is nasty enough when weaknesses are rare on monsters and almost absent on PC equipment. But it seems like you're changing how spell power and magic defense interact already.


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2017, 02:43:53 PM »
Are you talking about FF5?  :laugh:
Because if nothing else, F5 stands for easy job change and NO classes ... at all :)
A job earns you money, a class restricts what you can (not) do.

In gaming, I will ALWAYS throw job and class as synonyms around.
I beg for forgiveness :d

Elemental affinities being ubiquitous might necessitate changing how weaknesses work - negating all magic defense and doubling damage is nasty enough when weaknesses are rare on monsters and almost absent on PC equipment. But it seems like you're changing how spell power and magic defense interact already.
Since MP cost is mostly free now (or at least not a finite resource), I have to treat physical and magic damage more equal.
Meaning no more 50 power Fire2 when you have weapons around 20.
That is now sitting at 110% weapon power.

So far I went with:
weakness (spell): x2 multiplier, half defense
weakness (physical, generic): x1.5 multiplier, half defense
weakness (weapon, special, e.g. Coral Sword): x2 multiplier, half defense
resistance (all): x0.75 attack, x1.5 defense
spellblade1: x2 multiplier, no change to defense
spellblade2: x1.25 attack, x0 defense
spellblade3: x1.5 attack, half defense

The humble broad sword only has its generic element, something special like Coral sword can profit twice from element weaknesses.
The multipliers get rediculous again...


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2017, 05:10:29 AM »
If someone wants to give it a try, proof of concept:

No idea how far mostly unchanged enemy stats will let you get, though.


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #5 on: December 29, 2017, 05:39:29 AM »
Huh, this site isn't dead/unreachable for once.
Well, neither am I.
So here's a more complete version if someone is interested.

Main features:

*) increased battle fluidity: no more waiting to take turns, ATB gauge is almost instant and can be stored for future multi-turns
*) ability to save up turns now and take them later
*) greater influence over amount of battles and their challenge
*) less inventory management: auto-heal after victory, re-usable consumables
*) high customization in jobs, gear and abilities
*) job levels have high longterm impact
*) new additional job abilities
*) rename party members
*) more tactical depth with elements, i.e. influence with status effect chances, even against bosses

Detail Overview:

general battle changes:
-battle frequency is now dependant on the former battle speed setting; 6 - rare, 3 - vanilla rate, 1 - grind mode
-challenge level can now be adjusted in the config: affects enemy damage, defense, HP and speed
-ATB is now instantaneous
-if MP is 100 or above the wait phase between turns can be skipped by using 100 MP
-defending and guarding restore 100 MP
-MP at battle start is set to 10 unless certain abilities are equipped or specific jobs were levelled
-MP damage that exceeds current MP now gets added to ATB until next turn
-near death is now 25% HP or less (instead of 12.5%), abilities like cover trigger accordingly
-backrow modifier is now 75% instead of 50%

Stat changes:
-strength reduces equipment burden
-agility increases accuracy and evade
-agility and magic partially bypass enemy magic evade
-changed HP/MP progression
-HP gain softcaps at Lv30, 1600 base HP compared to 2000 at Lv99
-damage softcaps at Lv35
-equipped skills add stat bonuses instead of increasing the minimum stat level
-most abilities provide stat bonuses when equipped; passive abilities, especially innate ones, provide higher stats

Job changes, general:
-choice between "Normal" and "Single" Mode in config, details below
-required ABP for job up only depends on number of current total job level
-stat influence of being in a certain job has been turned down
-each Job level up grants stat bonuses to the character
-each Job has now 7 levels
-a character can at most have 70 job levels
-all Jobs have one Job-related Slot plus 3 free slots
-!Fight and !Item are optional
-innate abilities are active for all jobs once unlocked
-Caution, Preemptive, Berserk, Cover and Counter are no longer innate
-Berserker is no longer auto-berserk
-every job can equip every item

Job changes, Normal Mode:
-similar to vanilla FF5
-each character is restricted by which jobs they can use, e.g. Bartz can normally never be a Chemist
-each character has access to a total of 15 jobs once the jobs are unlocked
-each job is banned on at least one character
-it is no longer possible to change back to Freelancer
-wearing a Sage Stone unlocks ALL jobs on that character, even if not yet aquired
-having 1 or more ABP in a banned job without an equipped Sage Stone makes the character suffer from incurable Old status

Job changes, Single Mode:
-comparable to FF1
-you get access to all jobs after the first boss
-once a non-freelancer job is chosen for a character (gained 1 ABP in it), it cannot be changed anymore
-exp gain is doubled, abp gain is halved (rounded up)
-Single Mode is not accessible when a character has two or more jobs with at least 1 ABP each
-changing from Single Mode to Normal Mode is always possible

Weapon changes:
-Knives now properly use (STR+AGL)/2 instead of STR/2 + (high byte)(AGL/2)
-Chicken Knife now uses (STR+AGL)/2 instead of STR+AGL
-Chicken Knife now has 20 attack at 0 escapes and goes up by 2 per escape, caps at 90 attack power; for non-weapon purposes attack power is 0
-BraveBlade starts at 100 attack and goes down by 1 per escape
-BraveBlade loses attack for ALL purposes on escaping not only for regular attacks, e.g. also for Goblin Punch
-Lances can be used with Double Grip
-Rods and Staves now use (STR+MAG)/2 instead of STR; attack value is no longer random between 0 and 2x attack power
-all weapons have now a base element, e.g. most swords deal fire damage, this stacks with the effect of spellblade
-weapons that had a element in vanilla are still "auto-spellblade", meaning using a spellblade effect overwrites the special property
-unarmed attack power increases by VIT/2
-increased accuracy of Blood Sword from 25 to 65

Equip changes:
-instead of helm, armor and relic you can now equip 3 relics
-all pieces of equipment are elemental and contrbute to elemental strength and weaknesses of the character
-relics add a mix of resistances and weaknesses
-relics increase attack power of weapons and spells of matching element by +10% (additive with each other and character bonus)
-if you are both weak and resistant to an element it becomes neutral
-shields remove their listed element from weaknesses, this step applies after weakness and resistance wipe each other out
-armors can now increase eva% instead of only shields, this stacks with AGL and is capped at 70%
-armors can now also increase base HP (profits from VIT)

Item changes:
-consumables like Potion, Ether, Antidote and mixing ingredients are no longer used up
-their effectiveness increases with stack size, 1x Potion heals for 50 HP, 99x Potion heals 1250 HP
-using !Item, !Mix, !Throw, !Drink puts those abilities on cooldown until it can be used again, stronger items require longer cooldown
-Elixir, Phoenix Down and status removal items get shorter cooldowns with bigger stacks
-breaking Rods does not give a cooldown and still destroys the weapon
-when defending remaining cooldown gets reduced by 25%
-added Bombs that deal constant damage to all enemies, power based on stack size

Element changes:
-hitting a weakness now only reduces effective defense by 25% instead of ignoring it entirely
-hitting a resistance now reduces atk power by 25% and increases effective defense by 50% (formerly was just -50% attack power)
-hitting a immunity now reduces atk power by 50% and increases effective defense by 50% (formerly was auto-miss)
-defending targets have no elemental weakness
-each character has two elements for which they increase attack power of weapons and spells by +10% (additive with relic bonus)
-Bartz empowers wind and lightning elemental attacks
-Lenna empowers water and ice elemental attacks
-Galuf empowers earth and holy elemental attacks
-Faris empowers fire and poison elemental attacks

Ability changes:
-spell abilities !White, !Black, !Red, !Time, !Summon are now only learned once and grant access to all their spells (if learned) like !Blue
-in battle non-active skill slots are filled with non-duplicate !Item, !Fight, !Brave, !Scan
-Barrier: triggers now at 1/4 instead of 1/16 (and only if shell is not already active)
-Brawl: attack power bonus increases by 1 per level instead of 2 and caps at Lv35
-Counter: chance increased from 50% to 70%
-Counter: changed used ability from !Fight to !Counter; same modifiers for now but displays name on top
-Defend/Guard: defend/guard stance is cancelled on free/extra turns (e.g. 100 MP use)
-Defend/Guard: damage reduction now applies against all attacks that respect either physical defense or magic defense
-Defend/Guard: negates elemental weakness, reduces chance to get hit by status effects
-Defend: reduces damage only by 25% instead of 50%
-Drink: items are no longer consumed but put the command in cooldown, bigger stacks give shorter cooldowns; cooldown shared with Item
-Dual-Wield: now has a 13/16 attack power penalty
-Double Grip: 125% attack power instead of 200% final damage
-Drink: Power Drink now increases attack power by 10 instead of a dummy value, capped at +30
-Equip X abilities were replaced with new abilities
-Fight: successful hit regains 5 MP (3 if dual wielding), up to 80 MP
-Gaia: random chance independant of level, roughly 25% chance for each local spell effect
-GilToss: cost lowered to 10*VIT Gil per target
-GilToss: base damage is 1.5*VIT+5 instead of based on level
-GilToss: damage multiplier is based on level*(AGL+VIT)/2 instead of fixed 150
-GilToss: uses earth element
-Guard: take 1/4 damage instead of 0 from physical attacks
-HP +10%: renamed to Bulwark, adds 10 VIT as well
-HP +20%: renamed to Endure, HP +10%, can survive lethal hit if HP was > 1/8 before
-Kick: takes unarmed base attack power now into account instead of only using the brawl bonus
-Medicine: no longer affects MP recovery
-Mix: items are no longer consumed but put the command in cooldown, bigger stacks give shorter cooldowns; cooldown shared with Item
-MP +10%: renamed to Turbo MP, provides 10 MP at battle start
-Observe/Scan: grant free turn afterwards
-Red: grants White and Black magic up to level 4
-Rose: formerly Red2, grants White and Black magic up to level 2
-Slash: changed to hit-all physical 85 power STR/AGL attack with 75% base accuracy instead of kill all
-Song: max stat bonus reduced to 30 instead of 99
-Spellblade: grant free turn afterwards
-Spellblade: now compatible with all non-spell weapon types (Bows yes, Rods yes, Blood Sword no)
-Spellblade: no longer usable with X-Magic
-Steal: chance to steal and chance for rare item increases with AGL
-Throw: does no longer consume the item but gets a cooldown based on item used, e.g. Shuriken have faster cooldown, stronger weapons longer; cooldown shared with Item
-X-Fight: no longer ignores defense or evasion
-X-Fight: no longer lets magic weapons deal double the intended damage
-X-Fight: reduced from 4 to 3 attacks, increased damage from 50% to 57%
-X-Magic: only provides access to level 1 white/black spells by itself
-X-Magic: spells cast via this suffer a 13/16 attack power penalty
-X-Magic: can no longer use spellblade spells

New Abilities:
-AreaCast: equip-passive that lessens multitarget penalty for damage and accuracy from spells as if spells were "always multitarget"
-Brave: does not use the current turn and gain 100 MP = get to act twice now; delay until next turn is doubled
-Crit Up: increases chance for critical hits and their damage on katana and bows; increases min and max damage of axes
-Finesse: menu with 8 physical skills; work with spellblade, 2handed, dualwield and weapon's element
-Heal Amp: increase power of heal magic by 50%
-Martial: menu with 8 physical skills, 3 of those are shared with Finesse, same modifiers
-MagicAmp: increase magic elemental damage, same as e.g. Ice Rod, not stacking with those items
-MassCast: allows to multi-target certain otherwise single-target-only spells
-Pierce: attacks ignore absorb, immunity, resistance to element
-Politics: stealing gets you 2 copies of an item, double post battle reward
-Revenge: receive 25 MP when taking attack damage; poison and other effects do not count for this
-S-Jump: jump with double damage and longer air time
-Steady MP: recover MP after each turn
-TwinCut: perform two regular attacks with reduced attack power but increased multiplier
-Y-Magic: "counterpart" to X-Magic; non-X-cast magic gets 25% attack power boost
-Aero, Aid, Armor, Comet, Cure, Drain, Fury, IceSwd, Mute, Psych, Shell, Slow: cast spell of same name free of charge, single target only
-Sleep: cast spell of same name free of charge, multi target possible
-Sand: use enemy ability Quicksand free of charge, single target only
-Quake: use enemy ability of same name free of charge, multi target only

Spell changes, general:
-changed spell damage formula to include equipped weapon; this works as a % modifier of the spells' spell power
-in case of dual wield, uses the stronger weapon
-in case of double grip (ability known + free hand), 1/8 bonus is given
-for BraveBlade the dimished attack value is used
-"rod breaking" uses a value based on level instead
-staves and rods grant an additional bonus to spell power
-multitarget penalty was changed from -50% atk power to a M factor based on the number of enemies hit (100%, 65%, 45%, 36%, 29%, 25%, 23%, 20%)
-formerly multitarget penalty free spells (not abilities) now are subject to a lesser multitarget penalty (100%, 82%, 60%, 49%, 43%, 38%, 35%, 33%)
-likewise magic accuracy modifiers (mostly status spells, other auto-hit) were changed from 100%, 50%, ..., 50% to 100%, 71%, 60%, 53%, 47%, 44%, 41%, 38%
-flare-type spells now only pierce 1/2 defense instead of 31/32
-level based type spells use (80..150)% weapon damage as base instead of fixed 10..100
-level based type spells use (30+level/4) as stat for the M multiplier
-random type spells use (100% weapon damage + (0..40))*C/16 power instead of 50..200, with C as the original M multiplier
-for random type spells M is now calculated the same as for normal spells
-modified a few spell animations to make them multitarget compatible
-revive effects cancel doomed state
-extra damage against specific monster type spells now only get x4 damage instead of x8
-magic accuracy was changed from Hit% + (attacker.Level - target.Level) to Hit% + (attacker.Mag - target.Vit)/4
-spells based on caster's HP (e.g. Exploder, Holy Breath) or target's max HP (e.g. Flame, Breath Wing) are now properly influenced by resistances and weaknesses

Spell changes, specific:
-Animal/Mysidian Rabbit: heals party slightly instead of doing nothing
-Animal/Unicorn: no longer a full heal, changed to very strong heal with blind/poison removal
-Black/Curse: replaces Bolt3, against next hit target has 0 defense and takes +50% damage
-Black/Dark: replaces Lightning2, try to inflict blind to one enemy
-Black/Drain: added wind element
-Black/Psych: added poison element, capped at 50 MP
-Black/Quake: replaces Fire3, earth/ground elemental damage to all enemies
-Black/Stun: replaces Ice2, try to inflict paralyzation to one enemy
-Black/Tempr: replaces Ice3, increases attack power by 6, capped at +30
-Black/Water: replaces Fire2, water elemental damage to one/all enemies
-Blue/Aqua Rake: added water element
-Blue/Crusher: replaces Fusion, deals damage equal to target's max HP - current HP
-Blue/Exploder: x2 damage and caster survives with 1 HP if used by player
-Blue/Goblin Punch: damage bonus against same level target reduced from x8 to x4
-Blue/Hammer: MP damage changed to 50%+20
-Blue/L? Holy: replaces Aero2, use "Holy" against enemies whose level is NOT dividable by 2,3,4 or 5
-Blue/Needles: x2 damage if used by player
-Blue/Snowstorm: replaces Aero3, deals ice elemental level based damage against all enemies, can inflict blind
-Blue/Vampire: drains by 50% caster HP instead of 100%
-Blue/White Wind: heals by 50% caster HP instead of 100%
-Mix/Dragon Shield: immunity to wind damage
-Mix/Explosive: x2 damage and caster survives with 1 HP if used by player
-Mix/Kiss of Blessing: berserk status no longer ignores immunity
-Mix/Resist Fire: absorb fire damage, become weak to water and wind
-Mix/Resist Ice: absorb ice damage, become weak to fire and poison
-Mix/Resist Thunder: absorb lightning damage, become weak to ice and earth
-Spellblade: elemental enchants deal x2 damage on weakness hit and make no change to defense
-Spellblade/Dark: replaces Fire2, attacks can inflict blindness
-Spellblade/Drain: heals only 25% of damage dealt
-Spellblade/Flare: ignores all defense and basic physical evasion, does not modify attack power
-Spellblade/Hold: replaces Ice2, attacks can inflict paralyzation
-Spellblade/Psych: drains 20 MP, less for dual wield and X-Fight
-Spellblade/Stone: replaces Fire3, enchant with earth elemental damage
-Spellblade/Tempr: replaces Ice3, ignores 25% defense and adds 20 attack
-Spellblade/Water: replaces Fire2, enchant with water elemental damage
-Spellblade/Wind: replaces Bolt3, enchant with wind elemental damage
-Summon/Golem: lowered Earth Wall's HP from 1000 + (Level * 50)  to 200 + (Magic * 20)
-Time/Bleed: replaces Drag, minor damage + HP leak
-Time/Demi: damage doubles against wind weakness, halved against heavy types (instead of auto-miss)
-Time/Echo: try to cast an offensive spell any enemy has recently used; on failure to find a usable spell uses Demi instead
-Time/Flood: replaces Quick, water elemental damage to all enemies
-Time/G100: replaces Slow2, removes float and reduces evasion
-Time/Renew: replaces Haste2, reduces remaining item cooldown
-Time/Shift: replaces Void, target gets to act now (ATB = ready)
-White/Dia: replaces Scan, holy elemental damage to one/all enemies
-White/Holy: now pierces defense like Flare
-White/Pure: cures in addition to poison blind and paralyzation
-White/Smite: replaces Cure2, lightning elemental damage to one enemy, pierces defense
-White/Storm: replaces Cure3, wind elemental damage to one/all enemies
-White/Ward: replaces Life2, negate physical damage (Golem effect)

New Spells:
-Finesse/Martial: Cleave, stronger physical attack
-Finesse/Martial: Rampage, physical attack that can hit all
-Finesse/Martial: Fate Hit, random damage
-Finesse: Weaken, inflict physical damage and lowers evasion stat directly
-Finesse: Armor Break, inflict physical damage and lowers defense stats directly
-Finesse: Venom Strike, inflict physical damage with additional chance to inflict poison
-Finesse: Chill Out, inflict slow
-Finesse: Sharpen, ignores 25% defense and adds 20 attack for weapon attacks
-Martial: Salted Wounds, inflict physical damage, stronger against hurt targets
-Martial: Danger, inflict damage equal to own lost HP against all
-Martial: Tera Break, inflict very high physical damage
-Martial: Aid, restore 50 MP to ally, profits from Medicine skill
-Martial: Prepare, increase own level by 10

Status effects, general:
-status effect chance is no longer: if immune then 0% else 100%
-status effect chance now depends on affinity towards a relevant element (e.g. lightning for paralyzation),
   status resistance (now only 1/3 [or 2/3 on weakness] instead of 0%,
   attacker's magic, target's vitality and a few other minor factors
-heavy-type enemies can now be affected by HP to 1, revive-kills-undead and doom effects, subject to magic accuracy/evasion
-heavy-type enemies can now cure themselves from certain status effects after some time: berserk, blind, charm, mini, mute, old, sleep, toad

Status effects, specific:
-Charm: ends when taking any damage
-Haste: delay between actions is now only reduced by 33% instead of 50%
-HP leak: strength increased from 1 to maxHP/512 + 1, capped at 20, doubled if weak to fire, halved against player
-HP leak: only ticks per ATB point, not 3~5 times per second
-Level halved: against monster can no longer drop below half starting level
-Old: stats drop only to 50% of base (=no equipment) stats instead of down to 1
-Old: monster no longer lose levels instead now affects monster strength
-Old: increased tick delay from 5 to 30
-Poison: strength increased from maxHP/16 to (maxHP/16+20)*1.68 (roughly 10%), capped at 1000, doubled if weak to poison, halved against undead
-Regen: strength changed from VIT*Level/16 to VIT*softcap(Level+5)/32 + 2 * (VIT - 22)
-Sleep: ends when taking any damage
-Slow: delay between actions now only increases by 50% instead of 100%

Monster changes:
-potential max HP increased from 65.535 to 524.272
-with very few exceptions enemies have always elemental affinities, no more 90% of enemy types are pure neutral
-bosses and strong regular monsters can have "HP barriers", any overflow damage when reaching such a barrier is lost
--e.g. a boss with a barrier at 5000 HP is sitting at 5001 HP and hit for 9999 damage, he'll only drop to 5000 HP now and only the next attack continues as normal
-upon passing a HP barrier the following stats increase slightly: attack, STR, MAG, AGL, evade, m.evade
-upon passing a HP barrier maxHP decreases accordingly, meaning the enemy can never be brought back above such a barrier
-successfully inflicting a death, petrify or similar status will not kill a boss/monster with HP barrier directly, only drop it to the next HP barrier
-enemies can no longer be immune to displaying their HP
-enemies don't spend MP for spells
-self-targetted revival for monsters fails after the first time; monster reviving other monster has no limit
-stats, spell selection and drops were modified to fit with the other changes
-all monster should now reward non-0 exp
-strong fight is reduced from x8 attack power to x4
-changed Gloom Widows color so it can be differentiated from Tarantula
-monster like Omniscient should now treat !Gaia, !Animal, !Item, !Scan, etc. properly as non-physical
-rare item drops are 100% if you have no copy of that item yet

Monster formation changes:
-enemy formations of random encounters are now more random; for most formations there's only 1/8 chance that it spawns with all members present.
-if this 1/8 chance is not met, it is 50/50 for each monster (except the first) if it stays home.
-boss formations and select few random encounter formations stay fixed
-ABP gain is no longer determined by the base formation but a percentage of exp earned, capped at 200

Misc. changes:
-can now save at any time
-running on the world map no longer requires the ability
-can rename lead character by pressing L or R + menu button
-damage cap increased from 9999 to 32k
-in-battle dialog can be forwarded by holding any A,B or direction button, previously these dialogs had fixed speed
-same for cutscene auto-dialog
-eva% cap has been reduced from 99 to 70
-exp gain can be switched off in the config
-exp gain is no longer divided by the amount of surviving party members
-after battle, the party is healed by (1/8 maxHP + 4 * (VIT - 20)) * (VIT + 12) / 32
-reequip after job/ability change can now be set to either optimize or none (keep current items)
-changed menu attack display from 200% for dual wield and double grip to 13/16 and 5/4 respectively
-"sort" now actually sorts items instead of only grouping them by consumable/weapon/armor
-level from the likes of Hero Drink and Dragon Power mix is now capped at 239 instead of 255
-escape via L/R either works or doesn't, no more RNG; success depends on encounter, AGL, deaths and a few status effects
-"JOB Lv X ability" text on ability selection replaced with Active/Passive/Innate

Bug fixes:
-damage should no longer be able to overflow
-game no longer crashes when spells target 7 or 8 enemies at once, very few spells were not affected
-attempting to hit the 8th enemy with a single target attack should no longer hit a "random" party member


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #6 on: December 29, 2017, 10:18:18 AM »
Seems 7z's archive corruption isn't exclusive to me. Might be something with 7z, but lately archives will not open with Winrar.

Anyway, I'm playing it on console with my SD2SNES and I've noticed a few things.
For one, damage seems to be all over the place, dunno if this is intended or not.

Equipment boosts don't seem to always update. If I initially select the Ruby to be equipped, it has 0 weight, but if I move to the Orange, it has 99. Then if I go back to the Ruby, it has 99.

I like that the cancel dash was included, but I'm too used to FF6 and keep trying to use L/R to cycle back and forth in the menu. :tongue:

I wasn't aware this was going to be something you would play through the vanilla game with. Kinda neat.

119 bugs fixed and counting.


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #7 on: December 29, 2017, 11:41:25 AM »
Wooaah you did all that is described in the post? Excellent work!


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #8 on: December 29, 2017, 11:43:28 AM »
errr, what did you patch this over?
I hope unpatched J version.
With that I get non-glitchy results...

Bartz with broadsword hits around 100 against the tutorial gobs (weak to fire/sword),
about 45 against bat,
Lenna pokes them with her knife for 7 (resisted damage)
and Galuf deals 14 damage punches.

Wooaah you did all that is described in the post? Excellent work!
minus fifty trillion bugs, this is the "is already done" list, yes :omghax:


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2017, 09:33:17 PM »
errr, what did you patch this over?
FF5 with no header:
SHA1: c6858d5c02894a6cc71f4dd452c7f288b319d1952ca56fdb185b4bf5e26244a2
MD5: d69b2115e17d1cf2cb3590d3f75febb9
CRC32: c1bc267d

119 bugs fixed and counting.


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #10 on: January 06, 2018, 05:01:09 AM »
Could you please try if it works with this?


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #11 on: January 06, 2018, 12:39:01 PM »
Praetarius5018, what ROM is required? Headered or no?


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #12 on: January 06, 2018, 01:00:54 PM »
unheadered, untranslated


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #13 on: January 13, 2018, 09:49:53 AM »

119 bugs fixed and counting.


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Re: FF5:MU (hack/idea presentation)
« Reply #14 on: January 14, 2018, 09:30:33 AM »
Great work!
I must admit that I was very sceptical about the MP for turn and "freezing" ATB concept when I saw it for the first time.
But looking at the detailed list of changes made me very excited!