Should it stay as it is or should it become one of the following:

Rifle and Bullet
Removed to allow space for four more weapon graphics
Keep it as is

Author Topic: The Fate of FF4's Bow & Arrow is in your hands - You Decide.  (Read 1293 times)

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Due to the almost completely open nature of my project, I figure it would be fun to have certain aspects of it be molded and influenced by the people of this fine community.  Since I've been playing around with weapon graphics lately I figured why not start with weapons?

Today's candidate is the Bow and Arrow.

Now you might ask: "Why even think about changing the bow and arrow?"  Weapon graphics in FF4 use 4 8x8 pixel tiles, lined up in a square shape. Most weapons use 1 weapon graphic, such as swords, rods, etc. But there are exceptions, such as:

1: Axe (for the lone fact that there's a throwing axe weapon)
2: Shuriken (already gone, two new graphics are in it's place)
3: Chakram (already gone. replaced with the hammer for a hammer throwing weapon)
4:Throw animation (the one useful waste of space)
5: Boomerang (Definately getting the axe at some point)

Now, the Bow and Arrow uses FOUR weapon graphics - one for the bow itself, one for the bow being drawn back, and two for the arrow itself; one being the actual arrow, and the iother s just the back half of the same arrow. That's a efty bit of space used for one long-ranged weapon type.

But I'm not going to just nix it without some sort of imput from the outside world. Here's where you come in: depending on the outcome of this poll will be the outcome of the Bow and Arrow.

If Option 1 wins, I'll need to figure out just how the Bow and arrow "weapon swing" works, but it'll be worth it.
If Option 2 wins, there'll be four more weapon graphics avilable to diversify FF4's weapons a bit more.
If option 3 wins, the bow and arrow stays.

If you vote, it would be great to hear your reasoning on your choice, especially if you happen to choose Option 2. Since this is a parody project, the sky's the limit: I'm open to any weapon suggestions (since I still have free space to add more weapons even if I kept the Bow & Arrow, I'm open to any weapon suggestions regardless of your choice/ the outcome of this poll). Also keep in mind there will still be long-range weaponry in the form of Flintlock pistols, regardless of the outcome, so no need to worry that the removal of the Bow & Arrow would mean the crippling of it's main user, Rosa.

With that said, let's get the ball rolling!

I update my graphics thread on almost a daily basis, so keep an eye out for new stuff!