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Pandora's Box / Re: Suggestions
« on: February 19, 2010, 03:10:20 PM »
why 6 and not 4?  did PB already increase the slots by 2?
Yes. That was done at the same time of giving the thieves the ability to keep stealing items. Plus it seemed like a good idea already. :happy:

nifty.  will a thief ever try to hit depleted slots as long as full ones remain, or will they "know" which ones are empty?
They'll keep trying to hit the depleted slots. I thought about implementing a memory system, but that would make stealing way, way too easy.

The stealing formula was also redone, and it should be much more balanced than it was, originally.

Swapping the morph list with the steal list would probably be a simple and probably more effective idea.
So now you want the morph list to be 2 items only? Or am I missing something?

Pandora's Box / Re: Suggestions
« on: February 18, 2010, 03:53:31 PM »
1) i like the Steal/Capture idea of having an enemy go into a frenzy if you steal their prized item.  it'd be nice to have enemies actually be aware of what they're carrying for a change.  as it is now, they don't seem to know they have the items, let alone care when you pilfer them. :)  and do monsters dedicate a limb to holding this equipment, or is it accidentally adhered to them by tar or brambles or something?
Twine and glue. That's why Locke has a hard time stealing, glue is hard to remove. :tongue:

the difficulty i see here is: does the conventional Steal/Capture counter trigger on any attempted steal, and not just successful ones?
I believe it's only on a successful steal attempt. The Merchant and Soldier in Locke's scenario should be proof enough for that. They don't change into the Birthday Suits unless you successfully steal an item from them.

if so, you'd have to supplement it with a custom FC command where the enemy calls new code that reads its Stealable item slots.
Ooohhh, new FC commands. :whoa: I worry about the order, though. Example:
Random monster has a potion, phoenix down, Blizzard, and iron helmet for winning and stealing. Assume there's an FC command to read steal slot 3 every round, and now assume Locke just stole that Blizzard. The AI will continuously trigger about the Blizzard missing, effectively putting the monster into a "stupid loop." How can this be counter-acted?

2) also in the Steal area, i never quite understood why a foe's Stealable items and Winnable items could have no intersection whatsoever.  Square means to tell us that if you fail to steal that Iron Helmet from an enemy during battle, you'll never have a chance of winning it, but can net a Blizzard instead?  does the first item get flung into a faraway land as you deal the last strike on the monster?  or does the enemy undergo a chemical change upon expiration that causes its possessions to change?  i'm interested in any rationale people can come up with, since it doesn't make much sense to me.
Ooh! Ooh! I know! They dematerialize instantly when the monster dies, as is the case with the clothes of the soldiers. That makes perfect sense! :tongue:

a simple way to address this could be to merge the Stealable and Winnable items into a common 4 slots, which could both be accessed in either circumstance.  and instead of 7/8 and 1/8 probabilities, maybe 4/8, 3/8, 2/8, and 1/8?  or since 50% is a bit much for one item, and a hack might want to give foes an elusive item, use the Dance probabilites of 7/16, 6/16, 2/16, and 1/16?  (maybe tweaking the middle two to 5/16 and 3/16, depending on your goals.)
If we did that, the steal slots would increase to 6 overall. :eek: Combine that with our new stealing engine that allows the thieves to keep stealing until all slots are depleted... :cookie:

now, merging these two categories could limit the uniqueness of Steal, and arguably reduce challenge, as you get two "cracks" at a desired item.  so maybe i should just suspend my disbelief and pretend a fallen enemy can somehow make one item disappear, and another take its place.. :/
There is merit to what you say.

You would certainly have to handle the case of a failed steal anyways... although I'm trying to recall how Capture is handled with respect to hitting the target (the attack portion of the stealing, not the steal portion).
Though I'm not certain, I think the standard FC 05 (counter if self was attacked) will trigger.

I'd rather have some semblance of variation in monsters (different starting HP/MP, monster AI scripts, etc.), but I'd say it's better than having predictable useless items steals in this game.
And you shall.

Or do I have to go through and read all 17 pages of this topic? :P
Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahaahhaah! :cookie:

General Discussion / Re: Gamefaqs + eternal stupidity
« on: February 18, 2010, 02:04:21 AM »
or of most of the bugs being benign?
This. I wanted to point out how harmless quite a few of the crash bugs were, but that would only serve to instigate an argument I don't want to get into. :isuck:

General Discussion / Re: Gamefaqs + eternal stupidity
« on: February 17, 2010, 09:41:16 PM »
:bah: @ Meeple's post. This guy is really clueless...

Game Modification Station / Re: Some ideas I'm working with for my hack
« on: February 14, 2010, 02:57:27 PM »
So FF or 00 wouldn't be the same thing then, would it?
No. FF is the instruction SBC, which generally might not cause massive errors, depends on the situation. 00 is BRK, which forces an interrupt of sorts. This can be noticed immediately, because often times the game will freeze or end up back at the title screen, etc.

Game Modification Station / Re: Some ideas I'm working with for my hack
« on: February 13, 2010, 05:39:59 PM »
Read the comments, not the code. Beyond that, the only instruction you need to know is NOP. Come on, put 2 and 2 together. You can do it. :happy:

Game Modification Station / Re: Some ideas I'm working with for my hack
« on: February 12, 2010, 06:54:40 PM »
Making a barely credible weapon a situation-only weapon only serves to make it crap. :sad:

7) I tried making FF6ME give always wounded/stay wounded once wounded to try and enable 1/32 chance of using the limit breaks but that didn't work. I'm hoping someone will just make a hack like that for me
:bah: :lame: Looking at the available resources, it is easy to make such a hack without much effort. I give you assassin's and Terii's disassembly!

Code: [Select]
Desperation attack

C2/15C8: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/15CA: B0 44        BCS $1610   (No DA if monster)
C2/15CC: AD 3F 3A     LDA $3A3F
C2/15CF: C9 03        CMP #$03   
C2/15D1: 90 3D        BCC $1610   (No DA if turn 2 or less)
C2/15D3: B9 E5 3E     LDA $3EE5,Y
C2/15D6: 89 02        BIT #$02
C2/15D8: F0 36        BEQ $1610   (No DA If not Near Fatal)
C2/15DA: 89 24        BIT #$24
C2/15DC: D0 32        BNE $1610   (No DA If Muddled or Image)
C2/15DE: B9 E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,Y
C2/15E1: 89 12        BIT #$12   
C2/15E3: D0 2B        BNE $1610   (No DA If Clear or Zombie)
I leave it to you to figure out what to do from here. :tongue:

Pandora's Box / Re: Suggestions
« on: February 08, 2010, 04:39:37 AM »
I have an idea similar to the stealing suggestion, certain enemies have 2 steal-able weapons, items, etc. I was thinking if certain enemies (for example the Marshal in Narshe has a Guardian for a steal-able  weapon that's 75% and a Flail for 25% lets say you steal the flail his attack would be reduced,
AI does not touch the stats (except HP/MP), though it certainly would not be difficult to add a command to reduce a stat by a percentage, or even to a specific number.

seeing as how he should be much stronger then any other Narshe Guards) or their attack pattern changes if something is stolen, like they can go into a frenzy or they use completely different attacks
This is certainly do-able. Trust me, the AI of monsters and bosses alike will throw everyone for a loop. :wink:

another suggestion would be (seeing as how we have the new level editor) is to change the climate of some places in the WOR, for example make Mobliz have a winter feel to it, seeing as how the land mass changed and it was kinda relocated and give it a snow battle background when u fight Phunbaba (so that the ice dragon is not the only fight where u can get the snow background)
I'm not sure if Mobliz shares its palette with another area (pretty sure it does though) and I don't think that tileset is compatible with another palette, though I could be wrong.

Here's one way out there;
What are the chances you'd get to play Terra (assuming she still uses Morph) and get to fly around the world map like an airship while in her morphed form?
For that event, Terra = the airship. In its current format, allowing that would tamper with the airship's current position, though there's nothing to say we couldn't just set it again after a mini-game as an example.

Curious though, what would this be for, other than novelty?

General Discussion / Re: NFL season (2009-2010), week 21 - playoffs?!
« on: February 07, 2010, 04:32:20 AM »
I want the Saints to win, more than anything. One reason is a bit self-conscience, I'd rather we lost to the champs, not get beaten by the guys that got beaten by the champs.

However, too much has to go right for the Saints to win. Yes, that means I'm picking the Colts, and I'm hoping it's close all the way through.

* Lenophis awaits the post of Deathlike2 countering specific points just to spite people

General Discussion / Re: NFL season (2009-2010), week 21 - playoffs?!
« on: February 06, 2010, 05:05:13 PM »
I reset the poll so it closes at 5 PM on Sunday, half an hour before the game starts. Should give everyone still indecisive plenty of time to make up their minds. :happy:

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 Improvement Project
« on: February 04, 2010, 01:42:40 AM »
I'm pretty sure it doesn't conflict with anything. But if it does, it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong. :tongue:

Game Modification Station / Re: Animations, Sound effects, and Music
« on: February 03, 2010, 10:10:06 PM »
No, I mean; how?
Ahhh, writer's block. Well, let's look at Pummel as an example:

Code: [Select]
0E 0A 0E 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 - PummelIf you wanted to change it so the sequence was HADOKEN, you'd change it to:

Code: [Select]
08 07 0E 04 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 0A - PummelThat sequence is down, down/left, left, Y, A. Simple, yes?

General Discussion / Re: NFL season (2009-2010), week 20 - playoffs?!
« on: February 02, 2010, 03:33:29 PM »
This will make assassin's day, perhaps. Mike Martz, yep, the mad genius himself has signed on to be the Bears OC. That officially puts Lovie on the clock. The Bears have to make the playoffs at the very least next season, otherwise they'll probably blow the whole thing up.

Aside from that, it's Media Day, where absurd questions get asked, and Peyton throws Eli under the bus. :tongue:

Yeah, that was a bad joke, Eli gave it to me.

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 Improvement Project
« on: February 01, 2010, 06:18:05 PM »
Also, I plan on adding that border crossing patch, Leno...that looks interesting, but I wonder if that's the same type of patch as Novalia Spirit's grass patch?
Novalia's patch increments the battle counter on the corner grass tiles. My patch fixes a boundary error that makes Leafers show up on the tile next to Kefka's Tower (ok, not directly that, but it fixes that type of encounter error from appearing). Both are very safe to use at the same time. :happy:

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 Improvement Project
« on: February 01, 2010, 04:46:43 PM »
I'd be careful about using Geiger's patches. The "select any command" patch is known to have issues, and I'm not entirely sure that his chainsaw patch doesn't have any. Use at your own risk. :tongue: