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Submissions / Re: NSFe Submission: Wizardry
« on: February 25, 2011, 10:03:26 PM »
It's up. I'm sorry I took forever in getting to your NSFE submissions. :isuck:

And up.

Submissions / Re: FF5 patch: Original icons
« on: February 25, 2011, 10:03:04 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Gamefaqs + eternal stupidity
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:01:31 AM »
Epic necrobump for great justice.

Holy shitballs, is there a pointless argument going on about steal. I guess with the FF6 board being pretty boring lately, someone felt the need to troll it up. :banonsmash:

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 Improvement Project
« on: February 24, 2011, 06:55:01 AM »
It was this thread. And no, I still haven't updated that patch yet. I'm in the middle of getting another patch ready for release. A big patch. :omg:

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 - possible bug
« on: February 22, 2011, 07:08:45 AM »
the reason for the discrepancy is that this patch and its anti-patch actually modify the ROM header.
Huh. I wonder if that's xkas doing it, cause I know I'm not worried about changing the header.

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 Improvement Project
« on: February 19, 2011, 03:02:45 PM »
What's the point of Header exactly? Why have one at all? What's the benefit of or of not having this on roms?
There never was any point. They mostly belong to copiers, and most programs from the previous 15 years were built to need the headers because nobody really knew/cared. They only matter today if you have such a program that still needs a header.

General Discussion / Re: Emulator(s) question;
« on: February 19, 2011, 02:53:20 PM »
What you seek does not exist. The point of an emulator is to act like what it's trying to mimic. The goal is to get everything right (or at least it should), which includes the lag. The lag is created because the CPU can't keep up, which has nothing to do with ram.

didn't our usernames above our avatars to the left of our posts used to be color-coded based on "level" (e.g. administrator, moderator, etc.; so Deathlike2 was blue and Lenophis was red)?  now everybody's is orange.  i think i'm remembering right, anyway.
Upgrading to SMF 2.0 broke some color-coordinated things, so we've been kinda bland since that upgrade. :bah:

We've somehow missed the RC4 upgrade, but that's ok, cause we're on RC5 now. This upgrade should fix the bug of people getting logged out at random. It turns out that spambots/assholes are trying to log in as you, causing you to be logged out.

There is code to teach a spell, but no event command assigned to it.

Code: [Select]
C0/AE0D: A5EB    LDA $EB        (load parameter, character)
C0/AE0F: 8D0242  STA $4202      (save as a multiplier)
C0/AE12: A936    LDA #$36       (54...)
C0/AE14: 8D0342  STA $4203      (save as the other multiplier)
C0/AE17: A5EC    LDA $EC        (load another parameter, the spell number)
C0/AE19: C221    REP #$21
C0/AE1B: EA      NOP
C0/AE1C: 6D1642  ADC $4216      (add the result of the multiplication)
C0/AE1F: AA      TAX            (new index)
C0/AE20: 7B      TDC
C0/AE21: E220    SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/AE23: A9FF    LDA #$FF       (empty slot in most cases, but for this...)
C0/AE25: 9D6E1A  STA $1A6E,X    (set spell as learned)
C0/AE28: A903    LDA #$03       (Advance the script pointer by 3)
C0/AE2A: 4C5C9B  JMP $9B5C

General Discussion / Re: NFL season (2010-2011) week 21 (Super Bowl?!)
« on: February 06, 2011, 01:59:31 PM »
And now, I am the first to make an official pick for the big game, despite 3 people having voted already.

Steelers over the Packers, 38-35

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 menu help
« on: February 06, 2011, 08:09:08 AM »
I'm looking for a couple pieces of code in C3 - the first is the process that places the location of the spell in the item description screen.
Actually, I'm pretty sure the game is bugged in the regard that weapons don't teach any magic. Or it could be intentional, I dunno.
Code: [Select]
Display spell to learn, used by Esper menu and item properties menu
C3/5AE1: 203D5B  JSR $5B3D
C3/5AE4: C220    REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/5AE6: 8A      TXA
C3/5AE7: 8F899E7E STA $7E9E89
C3/5AEB: E220    SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/5AED: 20B54F  JSR $4FB5      (get spell name length and location)
C3/5AF0: A5E1    LDA $E1
C3/5AF2: C9FF    CMP #$FF
C3/5AF4: F030    BEQ $5B26      (branch if no spell)
C3/5AF6: 206784  JSR $8467      (draw the spell name)
C3/5AF9: A2929E  LDX #$9E92     (space between spell name and ':' character)
C3/5AFC: 8E8121  STX $2181
C3/5AFF: A9C1    LDA #$C1       (':' character in the font)
C3/5B01: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5B04: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/5B06: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5B09: 8D8021  STA $2180      (two spaces)
C3/5B0C: A9D7    LDA #$D7       (special 'x' character in the font)
C3/5B0E: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5B11: A5E0    LDA $E0
C3/5B13: 20E004  JSR $04E0      (turn A into displayable digits)
C3/5B16: A5F8    LDA $F8
C3/5B18: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5B1B: A5F9    LDA $F9
C3/5B1D: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5B20: 9C8021  STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/5B23: 4CD97F  JMP $7FD9

C3/5B26: A00F00  LDY #$000F      (15...)
C3/5B29: A28B9E  LDX #$9E8B
C3/5B2C: 8E8121  STX $2181
C3/5B2F: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/5B31: 8D8021  STA $2180       (insert a space)
C3/5B34: 88      DEY
C3/5B35: D0FA    BNE $5B31       (do 14 times?)
C3/5B37: 9C8021  STZ $2180      (end this string)

The second thing I'm looking for is the code that places the time in the menu screen
Code: [Select]
C3/326C: AD8811  LDA $1188
C3/326F: 8910    BIT #$10
C3/3271: F016    BEQ $3289
C3/3273: AC8911  LDY $1189      (is $1189 the elapsed time in seconds?)
C3/3276: 20B232  JSR $32B2      (if so, this gives minutes)
C3/3279: 20B232  JSR $32B2      (and this would give hours)
C3/327C: A5E7    LDA $E7        (load A with hours)
C3/327E: 8D6318  STA $1863      (put hours in $1863)
C3/3281: AD1642  LDA $4216      (remainder is excess minutes)
C3/3284: 8D6418  STA $1864      (put that in $1864)
C3/3287: 800C    BRA $3295
C3/3289: AC1B02  LDY $021B      (Hours and minutes)
C3/328C: 8C6318  STY $1863      (store in SRAM)
C3/328F: AD1D02  LDA $021D      (Seconds amd frames)
C3/3292: 8D6518  STA $1865      (store in SRAM)
C3/3295: A920    LDA #$20
C3/3297: 8529    STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3299: AD6318  LDA $1863      (hours)
C3/329C: 20E004  JSR $04E0      (convert leading 0's to spaces)
C3/329F: A2FB7C  LDX #$7CFB     (The position, I believe)
C3/32A2: 20B604  JSR $04B6      (2 digits to display)
C3/32A5: AD6418  LDA $1864      (minutes)
C3/32A8: 20F904  JSR $04F9      (convert minutes to a displayable format)
C3/32AB: A2017D  LDX #$7D01
C3/32AE: 20B604  JSR $04B6      (JMP fool!, 2 digits to display)
C3/32B1: 60      RTS

and perhaps the code that deals with borders too
Find all calls to C3/0341, and you will control all windows created in the main menu.

I'm trying to expand the hours portion to 3 digits, and if I have room, I'll add seconds as well. I'm really bad with menus and stuff >.<
You're going to have one problem:
Code: [Select]
$1863-$1865 : Game Time (3 bytes)Seconds, minutes, hours. Since there's only one byte for hours, it will cap at 255.

General Discussion / Re: NFL season (2010-2011) week 21 (Super Bowl?!)
« on: January 28, 2011, 11:40:41 AM »
In "way out of left field!" news, Jeff Fisher and the Titans have agreed to part ways. The Titans just entered super rebuilding mode. :tongue:

Game Modification Station / Re: Question about character names
« on: January 24, 2011, 08:24:44 PM »
Bank C4 has nothing on character names, and the location you listed has this:
Code: [Select]
C47AC0-C47F3F       SHOP          Shop Specifications (128 items, 9 bytes each [1 title byte, 8 items])
There's about 6 or 7 routines you need to tweak scattered in C0, C1, C2, and C3 if you want to expand character names.