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Game Modification Station / Re: Character Intro Animation Locations
« on: May 14, 2011, 04:42:25 PM »
You should have said "in battle," cause then it would've been much more clearer. I don't know where they are, but I suspect they are in bank D0.

Pandora's Box / Re: ff6 hp patch
« on: May 14, 2011, 03:10:24 PM »
He wants an updated 24-bit HP patch that supports healing and stuff (like PB does) but there's so much crap that has to be done just to separate it from the hack it's not even funny. :sad:

Game Modification Station / Re: Character Intro Animation Locations
« on: May 14, 2011, 12:46:41 PM »
I am having difficulties finding where they are located.
Uhhh, what?

General Discussion / Re: Gamefaqs + eternal stupidity
« on: May 03, 2011, 10:00:57 PM »
The thread title says it all. Wow, just wow.

Although, in response, Viagra does what he's posting about. :laugh:

Pandora's Box / Re: Suggestions
« on: April 12, 2011, 02:31:39 PM »
We are going to update the demo in the future, relatively soon we hope.

General Discussion / Re: Japan Relief Done Quick
« on: April 10, 2011, 11:55:12 PM »
Thanks to everyone involved, $22,713.92 was raised for relief. Over double my estimate, and almost ten times the initial goal. :omg:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
« on: April 09, 2011, 09:34:52 PM »
Backlash from the DS version, perhaps?

General Discussion / Re: Japan Relief Done Quick
« on: April 09, 2011, 04:31:40 PM »
Edit: Final results posted - $430,543.65.
Wow, that's unbelievable. :omg: What did they do to get that much, cause that's insane.

General Discussion / Re: Japan Relief Done Quick
« on: April 07, 2011, 06:37:02 PM »
I don't use facebook. :shadow:

General Discussion / Japan Relief Done Quick
« on: April 07, 2011, 02:35:54 PM »
This is super short notice, but a marathon is upon us! I recommend everyone go watch, else I'll have to sick Banon on you, and that will not be a pleasant thing. :banonsmash:

For those not aware of SDA, they've managed to raise over $10,000 last year, and just over $53,000 this year (Classic and Awesome Games Done Quick, respectively). This marathon is to get some relief to Japan, where it is really needed right now.

So yeah, watch and donate, if possible. :happy:

Pandora's Box / Re: Pandora's Box Impressions 2011!
« on: April 04, 2011, 03:16:49 PM »
That's...interesting. The center tag is definitely broken in that shot. I have a feeling something was forgotten for this release. :blush:

Pandora's Box / Re: Pandora's Box Impressions 2011!
« on: April 04, 2011, 12:54:44 PM »
1) You have not pointed out which string this is.
2) Nobody else has reported a text-wrapping bug here.

If we don't get more than that, we can't help you.

Pandora's Box / Re: Pandora's Box Impressions 2011!
« on: April 03, 2011, 05:42:32 PM »
it's cleared in C2/51B2, and checked in C2/0DED.
No wonder I never saw it. :blush:

Pandora's Box / Re: Pandora's Box Impressions 2011!
« on: April 03, 2011, 10:56:41 AM »
Ok just arrived here and made my mad dash for the chainsaw.
There is a known text wrapping bug going on, and has been fixed. It'll be included in the next release, whenever that is. Not that it matters, cause you can't get the chainsaw right now anyway. :tongue:

Lenophis: the Tentacles' draining of a Seized target actually gets around that by clearing a bit.  see the commented disassembly.
Where at? I did some quick investigating, and found nothing that really indicates you can take more damage. For instance:
Code: [Select]
Trigger Poison, Regen, Seizure, Phantasm, or Tentacle Drain attack

C2/5B4F: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/5B51: 3C A1 3A     BIT $3AA1,X
C2/5B54: D0 F8        BNE $5B4E   (Exit if bit 4 of $3AA1 is set.  we already
                                   have some periodic damage/healing queued for
                                   this entity, so don't queue any more yet.)
C2/5B56: BD 4C 3E     LDA $3E4C,X
C2/5B59: 89 10        BIT #$10
C2/5B5B: F0 0E        BEQ $5B6B   (Branch if bit 4 of $3E4C,X is not set)
                                  (Check Regen and Seizure and Phantasm if not set,
                                   Poison if set)
C2/5B5D: 29 EF        AND #$EF
C2/5B5F: 9D 4C 3E     STA $3E4C,X (Clear bit 4 of $3E4C,X)
C2/5B62: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X (Status byte 1)
C2/5B65: 29 04        AND #$04   
C2/5B67: F0 E5        BEQ $5B4E   (Exit if not poisoned)
C2/5B69: 80 1A        BRA $5B85
That looks like it's making sure you have it.

Code: [Select]
Regen and Poison

C2/500B: AD 77 3A     LDA $3A77
C2/500E: F0 CF        BEQ $4FDF   (Exit if $3A77 = 0)
C2/5010: B9 A1 3A     LDA $3AA1,Y
C2/5013: 29 EF        AND #$EF
C2/5015: 99 A1 3A     STA $3AA1,Y (clear bit 4 of $3AA1,Y.  because we're servicing this
                                   damage/healing request, we can allow C2/5A83 to queue
                                   up another one for this entity as needed.)
C2/5018: B9 A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,Y
C2/501B: 89 10        BIT #$10
C2/501D: D0 C0        BNE $4FDF   (Exit if bit 4 of $3AA0,Y set)
C2/501F: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A
C2/5022: A9 90        LDA #$90
C2/5024: 14 B3        TRB $B3     (Set Ignore Clear, and allow for damage increment
                                   even with Ignore Defense)
C2/5026: A9 12        LDA #$12
C2/5028: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Set command to Mimic)
C2/502A: A9 68        LDA #$68
C2/502C: 8D A2 11     STA $11A2   (Sets to only ignore defense, no split damage, reverse
                                   damage/healing on undead)
C2/502F: 4E A4 11     LSR $11A4
C2/5032: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/5034: 4A           LSR
C2/5035: 4A           LSR
C2/5036: 2E A4 11     ROL $11A4   (Set to heal for regen; damage for poison &
C2/5039: 4A           LSR
C2/503A: 90 15        BCC $5051   (Branch if not poison)
C2/503C: B9 24 3E     LDA $3E24,Y (Amount to increment damage)
C2/503F: 85 BD        STA $BD
C2/5041: 1A           INC
C2/5042: 1A           INC
C2/5043: C9 0F        CMP #$0F   
C2/5045: 90 02        BCC $5049   (If under 15)
C2/5047: A9 0E        LDA #$0E    (Set to 14)
C2/5049: 99 24 3E     STA $3E24,Y
C2/504C: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/504E: 8D A1 11     STA $11A1   (Set element to poison)
C2/5051: B9 40 3B     LDA $3B40,Y (Stamina)    (Figure damage)
C2/5054: 85 E8        STA $E8
C2/5056: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/5058: B9 1C 3C     LDA $3C1C,Y (Max HP)
C2/505B: 20 B7 47     JSR $47B7   (Max HP * Stamina / 256)
C2/505E: 4A           LSR
C2/505F: 4A           LSR
C2/5060: C9 FE        CMP #$00FE 
C2/5063: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/5065: 90 02        BCC $5069   (If under 254)
C2/5067: A9 FC        LDA #$FC    (set to 253)
C2/5069: 69 02        ADC #$02
C2/506B: 8D A6 11     STA $11A6   (Store damage in battle power)
C2/506E: BB           TYX
C2/506F: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167
C2/501D is definitely making sure you are in regen/seizure/poison.

Since this is damage, you would think that it would be handled at drain's draining routine.
Code: [Select]
C2/0C2D: AD A2 11     LDA $11A2
C2/0C30: 4A           LSR
C2/0C31: 90 2A        BCC $0C5D   (Branch if not physical damage)
C2/0C33: AD 82 3A     LDA $3A82
C2/0C36: 2D 83 3A     AND $3A83
C2/0C39: 10 22        BPL $0C5D   (Branch if blocked by Golem or dog)
C2/0C3B: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X
C2/0C3E: 89 02        BIT #$02    (Check for Zombie Status on attacker)
C2/0C40: F0 03        BEQ $0C45   (Branch if no zombie)
C2/0C42: 20 21 0E     JSR $0E21   (Poison / Zombie status for zombies)
C2/0C45: AD AB 11     LDA $11AB   (Status set by attack 2)
C2/0C48: 49 A0        EOR #$A0    (Sleep & Muddled)
C2/0C4A: 29 A0        AND #$A0
C2/0C4C: 39 E5 3E     AND $3EE5,Y (Status byte 2)
C2/0C4F: 19 FD 3D     ORA $3DFD,Y
C2/0C52: 99 FD 3D     STA $3DFD,Y (mark Sleep & Muddled to be cleared from target,
                                   provided it already has the statuses, and
                                   the attack itself isn't trying to inflict or remove
C2/0C55: B9 B9 32     LDA $32B9,Y
C2/0C58: 09 80        ORA #$80
C2/0C5A: 99 B9 32     STA $32B9,Y (Flag target to be released from Control at end of
C2/0C5D: AD A4 11     LDA $11A4
C2/0C60: 89 02        BIT #$02
C2/0C62: F0 11        BEQ $0C75   (Branch if not redirection)
C2/0C64: 20 ED 0D     JSR $0DED
C2/0C67: DA           PHX         (save attacker index)
C2/0C68: 5A           PHY         (save target index)
C2/0C69: 5A           PHY
C2/0C6A: 9B           TXY         (put old attacker index into target index)
C2/0C6B: FA           PLX         (put old target index into attacker index)
C2/0C6C: 20 2F 36     JSR $362F
C2/0C6F: 38           SEC         (enforce 9999 cap for redirection for attacker)
C2/0C70: 20 76 0C     JSR $0C76   
C2/0C73: 7A           PLY         (restore target index)
C2/0C74: FA           PLX         (restore attacker index)
C2/0C75: 18           CLC         (now enforce 9999 cap for redirection for target)
C2/0C76: 5A           PHY
C2/0C77: 08           PHP
C2/0C78: 2A           ROL
C2/0C79: 45 F2        EOR $F2     (get Carry XOR attack's heal bit)
C2/0C7B: 4A           LSR
C2/0C7C: 90 04        BCC $0C82   (branch if:
                                    - we're checking attacker and attack "reverse" drains
                                      [e.g. because target is undead or absorbs element]
                                    - we're checking target and attack drains)
C2/0C7E: 98           TYA
C2/0C7F: 69 13        ADC #$13
C2/0C81: A8           TAY         (point to Healing instead of Damage)
C2/0C82: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/0C84: B9 D0 33     LDA $33D0,Y (Damage Taken / Healing Done)
C2/0C87: 1A           INC
C2/0C88: F0 01        BEQ $0C8B   (if no [i.e. FFFFh] damage, treat as zero)
C2/0C8A: 3A           DEC         (otherwise, keep as-is)
C2/0C8B: 18           CLC
C2/0C8C: 65 F0        ADC $F0     (add Damage/Healing so far to $F0, which is the lowest of:
                                    - attack damage
                                    - HP of target [or attacker if reverse drain] )
                                    - Max HP - HP of attacker [or target if reverse drain] )

C2/0C8E: B0 05        BCS $0C95   (if total Damage/Healing to this target overflowed,
                                   branch and set it to 9999)
C2/0C90: C9 10 27     CMP #$2710  (If over 9999)
C2/0C93: 90 03        BCC $0C98
C2/0C95: A9 0F 27     LDA #$270F  (Truncate Damage to 9999)
C2/0C98: 99 D0 33     STA $33D0,Y (Damage Taken / Healing Done)
C2/0C9A: 28           PLP
C2/0C9C: 7A           PLY
C2/0C9D: 60           RTS
But nothing stands out there, either. There's got to be something I'm missing. :isuck:

i'm not taking a stance on Drainer or Blood Sword here, though.
Oh, but you are. :laugh:

Pandora's Box / Re: Pandora's Box Impressions 2011!
« on: April 02, 2011, 09:50:12 AM »
*Blood sword needs to do damage regardless of whether the character has full hp. Come on now.
Blame the original game for that one. The draining routines will not allow you to do more if you are full in either category.