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General Discussion / Re: NFL season 2014-2015 week 3
« on: September 18, 2014, 11:21:59 AM »
Week 3 schedule:

Buccaneers @ Falcons (division, Thursday)
Chargers @ Bills
Cowboys @ Rams
Redskins @ Eagles (division)
Texans @ Giants
Vikings @ Saints
Titans @ Bengals
Ravens @ Browns (division)
Packers @ Lions (division)
Colts @ Jaguars (division)
Raiders @ Patriots
49'ers @ Cardinals (division)
Broncos @ Seahawks (REMATCH!)
Chiefs @ Dolphins
Steelers @ Panthers
Bears @ Jets (Monday)

My picks: Falcons, Bills, Rams, Eagles, Texans, Saints, Bengals, Ravens, Lions, Colts, Patriots, 49'ers, Seahawks, Dolphins, Steelers, Bears

General Discussion / Re: Why no NCAA football love?
« on: September 16, 2014, 12:31:13 AM »
I don't give the NCAA any love, because, well, I don't like the NCAA and its exploitation of those it employs. I'm also not too much of a fan of teams shoving the bands down our collective throats, or their "playoff" system in place up until this year. Seriously, the BCS is a sham.

If this new playoff system they're trying actually does something to reward the good teams, then I might give it another shot. (Don't hurt me!)

Pandora's Box / Re: The search for Disch
« on: September 12, 2014, 01:19:09 AM »
The channel is on esper, and it's #rom-hacking. We're a pretty fun bunch!

General Discussion / Re: NFL season 2014-2015 week 2
« on: September 11, 2014, 11:47:07 AM »
Week 2 schedule:

Steelers @ Ravens (division, Thursday)
Dolphins @ Bills (division)
Jaguars @ Redskins
Cowboys @ Titans
Cardinals @ Giants
Patriots @ Vikings
Saints @ Browns
Falcons @ Bengals
Lions @ Panthers
Rams @ Buccaneers
Seahawks @ Chargers
Texans @ Raiders
Jets @ Packers
Chiefs @ Broncos
Bears @ 49'ers
Eagles @ Colts (Monday)

My picks: Ravens, Bills, Redskins, Titans, Cardinals, Patriots, Saints, Falcons, Lions, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Raiders, Packers, Broncos, 49'ers, Colts

Pandora's Box / Re: The search for Disch
« on: September 09, 2014, 01:10:53 AM »
It wasn't ignored, just couldn't answer it over the weekend. My bad. :blush: To answer your question, Disch is largely MIA. I don't know if he still checks that yahoo account, but I would imagine he doesn't. He was in an IRC channel I frequent about 2 months ago, but that's about it as far as activity goes. He's like a unicorn now. :bah:

General Discussion / NFL season 2014-2015 week 19 (playoffs?!)
« on: September 06, 2014, 11:24:15 PM »
So yeah, I completely forgot about making this. My bad!

Packers @ Seahawks (Thursday)
Saints @ Falcons (division)
Vikings @ Rams
Browns @ Steelers (division)
Jaguars @ Eagles
Raiders @ Jets
Bengals @ Ravens (division)
Bills @ Bears
Redskins @ Texans
Titans @ Chiefs
Patriots @ Dolphins (division)
Panthers @ Buccaneers (division)
49'ers @ Cowboys
Colts @ Broncos
Giants @ Lions (Monday)
Chargers @ Cardinals (Monday)

My picks: Seattle (I think everybody would've picked them if I had this up sooner)  :tongue:
Vikings, Steelers, Eagles, Jets, Ravens, Bears, Texans, Chiefs, Patriots, Panthers, 49'ers, Broncos, Lions, Cardinals

Game Modification Station / Re: Well, it is about that time
« on: August 16, 2014, 11:16:13 AM »
I am very bummed, but also very happy at the same time. Here's to you: :picsorstfu:

Ok, that joke would probably be lost on everyone else. In all seriousness, I wish you the best. Don't be a stranger. :happy:

Pandora's Box / Re: PB Demo III findings
« on: July 11, 2014, 11:35:32 PM »
- In the Opera House, entering the Stagemaster's room to the left before the timer event results in a bad entrance, putting the character two spaces too far left, into the wall like that Twilight Zone episode.
G'ah, I thought I fixed all of those. :bah:

- If you fail at the opera house and it kicks you out, if your characters were poisoned, they still will be poisoned outside. This is normal I'm sure, but I would think it would be better to have the status's removed for a clean slate kinda thing imo.
Yeah, I don't think we touched what happens when you fail. Noted. Perhaps failure should be everyone's HP = 1, and MP = 0 (essentially forcing you to use a tent).

- On my second go at the opera house I noticed a bad party merge resulting in the camera being off. It was hard to reproduce, but I got it here.
The video is unlisted.

- When entering the relic shop side of the cafe in Albrook, the music is cut in half as is should be, but opening the menu and back makes it full volume.
Huh, that might be a vanilla bug, too.

- Magitek Factory character specific text is wrong - called my Sabin and Locke 'Celes'.
It's referencing Celes, who is in the party, not just who is in the lead slot. Dialogue all throughout the game does it, but most of the time the party splits up.

- Can enter the Magitek Factory again right after the train cart ride...
That, however, should not happen. Either that or unbreak it so you can leave again? :blush:

- Question: Is Maduin supposed to have auto sprint? Without holding B that is?
If you refer to the flashback, then yes, he always had that on.

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6: AI Upgrade bug help
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:09:46 AM »
Whoo boy, where do I begin...

Firstly, I have a problem where sometimes when my demo boss attacks (only when he attacks, never my own characters), occasionally, if I am in the middle of a menu, the menu borders remain correct, but the displayed text gets mixed up with other views:

The first image is the main menu, the second is the item screen, the third is the magic menu.
Other than "there is something wrong," there really isn't anything I could narrow down based on these screenshots. Any number of routines that execute could be an issue.

As far as I'm aware, there should only be a couple changes to the ROM running at this point. The first being the 24-bit monster HP patch, which I can't see anything that would cause a problem...
There are a couple custom targeting functions I created as well that I'm 99% sure have nothing to do with the glitch (since it stays within the parameters and RAM space of the current targeting functions), but I could be wrong.

The last, is the fact that I wrote code to allow the scripts to run both inside and after conditionals optionally allowing me to queue up a bunch of attacks per turn. I'm worried that maybe I'm getting an overflow problem that is crossing over into graphical data. In my testing it appears that the whole script runs before attacks actually start leading me to this hypothesis. Does anyone know more about how the script queues attacks and if this could cause any potential issues?
These statements seem to be conflicting with each other. First let's examine the code you did provide:

Code: [Select]
LDA $11A7
LDA $3BB9,Y (Magic Defense)
BCC $0CD4   (Branch if concern MP or Magical damage)    
LDA $3BB8,Y (Defense)
LDX #$03
STZ $1E70,x
ASL $11A7
BCC 02
STA $1E70,x
LDA $3BB9,Y (Magic Defense)
BCC $0CD4   (Branch if concern MP or Magical damage)    
LDA $3BB8,Y (Defense)
LDX #$03
SBC $1E70,x
STX $11A7
Doing STX $11A7 is an issue. If you are storing damage, you want to store to $11B0 or $F0, preferably $11B0. It's also an issue because a bit of this is used to call displaying text when a spell hits. That code is at C2/3262. If you're shifting $11A7, this bit may be misread. You'll also want to make sure that $1E70-$1E73 are actually free in ram. I'm not sure they are, but I do know that there's a big range of free ram in the $1440-$14FF range.

Of course, this may not be the issue at all.

Come to think of it, I could probably test this by making a script that just does a ton of attacks every turn and see what kind of limits I can find. But there really doesn't seem to be any consistency to the problem happening. Also, the script normally only calls 2-4 attacks per turn with a few exceptions that I don't believe were the case when the glitch occured. It only happens with I'm navigating menus and only during the boss' attacks but I can't make it happen with any consistency...

I have nothing I can provide here.

And my other problem happens when I use a custom script to change the music from the monster script. I have narrowed it down to this specific command, but not sure why it's happening. This is another glitch that happens when navigating menues... in particular, when I am moving from the menu to target selection via cursor. It essentially sets up the RAM variables then runs the same code that runs at the beginning of battle and when the theme changes to fanfare after battle. This glitch causes the game to essentially freeze. The music stops and before the new music starts I lose the ability to move the cursor and everyone just sits there.

Code: [Select]
LDA #$10 (16 = instrument set?)
STA $1300
LDA $B8 (load song ID from parameter byte)
STA $1301
LDA #$FF (Volume: FF = normal)
STA $1302
JSL $C50004 (Changes the music)
This code specifically looks fine. Let's see the rest of this command to possibly narrow this one down.

TBH, I have not dug through the music code before and am not very familiar with it. Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully its as simple as pushing a few variables before the code and restoring them at the end.
I can safely tell you that there isn't much to bank C5, but what is there is a mess that is difficult to figure out. Nothing in there is going to be wrong, it's the setup leading to the call.

Pandora's Box / Re: Nice work!
« on: July 02, 2014, 02:26:28 AM »
I don't speak for the internet, but I believe the answer to both of those questions is "no." :bah:

Pandora's Box / Re: PB Demo III findings
« on: July 02, 2014, 02:25:52 AM »
- Bad tile on South Figaro house exterior.
Oh wow, don't know how we never saw that one. :blush:

- Right after the switch event about the train being aware (very nice touch!), the two bottom characters (Cyan and Shadow) instead of merging back into the party, they just became hidden instantly instead.
(sorry, couldn't get a pic of them vanishing.)
That's going to be my fault. I screwed up the event somewhere.

- Says Sir Gilgamesh dialog box twice, the 2nd time is right after he leaves. Not sure if this is intentional.
Nice find.

- Extra space after 'You'. (can't believe you guys made us have to double-back through basically the first half of the game thus far just to get some damn lube! lmao, how sadistic.) It's a cool quest/event idea though, just highly tedious.
Ha ha, oops!

- Mana Anklet's description bleeds over.
Several accessory descriptions do at the moment. It'll be especially apparent when you switch to wider fonts.

- There is a noticeable lag after using the Item Arrange feature. If you press arrange and then try to quickly go right or left it takes about half a second. I'd guess that you guys must of added some code that takes a bunch of extra cycles to cause this lag. Or maybe it's all the new icons?
That...shouldn't be. Originally, the game used three loops to back up the inventory before sorting it. I optimized it so it only took one loop, and that code runs 62% faster now. I'll look into it.

- IMO class names like 'King' and 'Child' are too basic and are not really Class Name's. I mean, they are I guess, but since it's blatantly obvious that King Edgar is a king, and Gau is a child, then what's the point of reiterating that via class name? Just my 2 cents.
The names we came up tried to say what they were, or what they did. IIRC, FF6A calls Gau "Feral Child," while Edgar is "Engineer." Gau's FF6A is no more descriptive than ours, except for implicating something sexual, potentially. This is one of those "can't win them all" scenarios. :hmm:

- The new tent event/actions, while cute, do take longer obviously than the fast pace normal tent routine, and I found myself turbo-ing through that after the first few times. I miss the quick old tent in other words lol.
The new tent/cabin events only take place on the world map.

- Music player is awesome, I'd like to not hear the pad beep sound when scrolling through the selections though.
When it was designed, it was going to follow the rest of the menus in terms of layout and feel. The other menus we add in will follow the same style.

It's an incredible hack fellas, I'm having a lot of fun and re-living FF6 in a fresh and better way. Love a lot of what you've done, and I respect the amount of time and commitment that has gone into it. It shows! Keep up the great work. =)
Thanks for the input. :childish:

Only once have I even tried to deal with a rom in the 6 megabyte range, and it did not go well. I guess check the internal header, see if everything is mapped correctly, run some traces with these other roms that do work, and go from there. One thing I am curious about though, is how you could've used up an entire megabyte with stuff just by expanding from 3 to 4. :omg:

Pandora's Box / Re: Nice work!
« on: April 27, 2014, 12:49:34 PM »
A few of the things that surprised me so far I should mention are:

1) The menu disabling during the moogle fight. Great idea, and it's not really a problem since you can gather a lot of potions (around 20) up to that part of the game and use them during the fights.
If you answer "No" to Mog's "Do you think you can handle it?" question, Novalia Spirit appears and mentions that very aspect of the siege.

2) The fact that Edgar comes with no tool. I couldn't predict this but at least I had bought the BioBlaster, but anyway you can buy the tools after in South Figaro.
I see the Merchant is still a little high on the difficulty still. I think we were going to tone him down some, but I forget where.

4) My instant death in Narshe's beginner school during Terra scenario.  :hmm:
I'm not that far yet. I'll edit when I see it. :edit: :laugh:

Pandora's Box / Re: Nice work!
« on: April 27, 2014, 11:55:06 AM »
I'm only on episode 2 right now, and it's always weird watching others play this. Glad you're enjoying it. :happy:

Game Modification Station / Re: FF6 Improvement Project
« on: April 15, 2014, 10:37:26 PM »
You think it's caused by it having a header?
Well, if you're using patches that need a header, and you don't have one, that's a problem. If you're using patches that require no header, but you do have one, it's also a problem.

I only used the translation patch to tweak dialogue and changed 2 item descriptions. Does that count as a tweak to dialogue?
For the patch, yes. If all you did use was the patch, then you should be fine. When using patches, it's important to make sure editors will still work with the hack. Pandora's Box is notoriously broken in almost every version of FF3usME, as well as the map editors, as one example. In this case, the only way to be sure is to make a backup of the hack, open it and save it with an editor, and then see if it still works.