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General Discussion / Re: The official "Happy Birthday" thread!
« on: May 19, 2008, 01:26:40 AM »
And now it's LeviathanMist's turn! Happy birthday! 21st means get drunk and other nonsense stereotype-things!

General Discussion / Re: The official "Happy Birthday" thread!
« on: May 17, 2008, 01:50:50 AM »
Happy birthday vivify93! :happy:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Movies of playthrus
« on: May 16, 2008, 12:30:30 PM »
Arctic Base, Picked Dry, Ancient China, Frozen Banquet, Frozen Defender, Coldeye Breach, Fractured Coast, Kaer Taul, and Rolling Plains.

King Lettuce made most of them, Frozen Banquet is mine. Lettuce even made a variation of Banquet (Defender), to try and even out the starts a bit. Rolling Plains is probably my favorite of that bunch.

Ok, both replays seem to be desync'ing. Did you use v1.15.2 to make these (it appears you did, but I want to make sure)?

White is stubborn - You sent up 1 marine and 2 SCV's to attack white, and white countered with 13 zealots, to which your base quickly crumbled.

Out of resources - This one didn't seem like it desync'ed, but it did, because teal wound up taking the two expansion spots, and you did seem to keep up with them taking potshots at you. At first, the fastest speed I played it at is fastest x2, but then I tried fastest and even then that didn't work. *is confused*

Based on how the physical damage formula is, it wouldn't make much of a difference if strength could reach 512, since it's mostly based on level. The stat getting that high would be for show in either case. Ideally, you'd want to re-work the physical damage portion, but that's a bit of a headache (just ask Kejardon).

To answer the question, I'm not sure what could be changed to do what you want, since this is a fairly solid section of code... :sad:

Yeah, the damage is based on damage. Good one... :sad:

Game Modification Station / Can't Lose for Winning
« on: May 13, 2008, 01:38:05 AM »
Yep, new patch (and already updated once since it's release). RHDN link, and Slick link. This patch fixes a bug with item wagering at the Dragon's Neck Colliseum.

Quote from: Glitches and Bugs guide
Colosseum steals an item from your 99 stack if you win the same item you bet -

As the title says, get 99 of an item that you get back upon winning the fight at the Colosseum, and proceed to bet it.  Win or lose, you'll have 98 when the fight ends (unless you get sneezed, run, etc.).  It only happens in that specific situation though.  The easiest items to test this with are Fire Knuckles, Tao Robes, and Trumps since you can buy those.

So yeah, fixored. There may be an update in the future though, depends on if Sneeze should really be a factor in you not losing or not. That's currently up for debate. In any event, enjoy. :happy:

Code: [Select]
C3/4F9E: 20B54F  JSR $4FB5
C3/4FA1: A20300  LDX #$0003    (X position of left half of spells)
C3/4FA4: 20C44F  JSR $4FC4     (draws the spell names)
C3/4FA7: E6E5    INC $E5
C3/4FA9: 20B54F  JSR $4FB5
C3/4FAC: A21000  LDX #$0010    (X position of right half of spells)
C3/4FAF: 20C44F  JSR $4FC4     (draws the spell names)
C3/4FB2: E6E5    INC $E5
C3/4FB4: 60      RTS
C3/4FB5: A00700  LDY #$0007    (spell letter length)
C3/4FB8: 84EB    STY $EB
C3/4FBA: A067F5  LDY #$F567    (spell name address)
C3/4FBD: 84EF    STY $EF
C3/4FBF: A9E6    LDA #$E6      (spell name bank)
C3/4FC1: 85F1    STA $F1
C3/4FC3: 60      RTS
Draw a column of spells
C3/4FC4: A5E6    LDA $E6
C3/4FC6: 1A      INC A
C3/4FC7: 209F80  JSR $809F
C3/4FCA: C220    REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4FCC: 8A      TXA
C3/4FCD: 8F899E7E STA $7E9E89
C3/4FD1: E220    SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4FD3: A59E    LDA $9E
C3/4FD5: F067    BEQ $503E
C3/4FD7: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FDA: 204D51  JSR $514D     (determine if spells are useable?)
C3/4FDD: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FE0: C9FF    CMP #$FF
C3/4FE2: F036    BEQ $501A     (branch if no spell to draw)
C3/4FE4: 20A250  JSR $50A2     (get spells learned amount)
C3/4FE7: C9FF    CMP #$FF
C3/4FE9: D02F    BNE $501A     (branch if spell is already learned?)
C3/4FEB: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FEE: 206784  JSR $8467     (draw the current spell name)
C3/4FF1: A2929E  LDX #$9E92    (position of MP cost)
C3/4FF4: 8E8121  STX $2181
C3/4FF7: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/4FF9: 8D8021  STA $2180     (insert a space)
C3/4FFC: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FFF: 200D51  JSR $510D     (get spell's MP cost)
C3/5002: 20E004  JSR $04E0     (turn MP cost into digits)
C3/5005: A5F8    LDA $F8
C3/5007: 8D8021  STA $2180     (draw tens digit of MP cost)
C3/500A: A5F9    LDA $F9
C3/500C: 8D8021  STA $2180     (draw ones digit of MP cost)
C3/500F: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/5011: 8D8021  STA $2180     (insert a space)
C3/5014: 9C8021  STZ $2180
C3/5017: 4CD97F  JMP $7FD9     (draw MP cost)

Blank out the current spell (MP cost and spell learn rate too)
C3/501A: 7B      TDC
C3/501B: A5E5    LDA $E5
C3/501D: AA      TAX
C3/501E: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/5020: 9F899D7E STA $7E9D89,X
C3/5024: 20B951  JSR $51B9     (set's the text color to gray among other things)
C3/5027: A00B00  LDY #$000B
C3/502A: A28B9E  LDX #$9E8B    (position of where it is to be blanked)
C3/502D: 8E8121  STX $2181
C3/5030: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/5032: 8D8021  STA $2180     (insert a space)
C3/5035: 88      DEY
C3/5036: D0FA    BNE $5032     (do 11 times?)
C3/5038: 9C8021  STZ $2180
C3/503B: 4CD97F  JMP $7FD9     (display the blanked name)

C3/503E: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/5041: C9FF    CMP #$FF
C3/5043: F0D5    BEQ $501A
C3/5045: 20A250  JSR $50A2     (get spell's learned rate)
C3/5048: C900    CMP #$00      (is it zero?)
C3/504A: F0CE    BEQ $501A     (branch if so)
C3/504C: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/504F: 206784  JSR $8467     (draw the current spell name)
C3/5052: A2929E  LDX #$9E92    (position of spell progress)
C3/5055: 8E8121  STX $2181
C3/5058: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/505B: 20A250  JSR $50A2     (get spell's learned rate)
C3/505E: C9FF    CMP #$FF      (is it learned?)
C3/5060: F026    BEQ $5088     (branch if so)
C3/5062: 48      PHA
C3/5063: 20B951  JSR $51B9
C3/5066: A92C    LDA #$2C
C3/5068: 8529    STA $29       (set text color to blue)
C3/506A: A9C7    LDA #$C7      (the "..." character in the font)
C3/506C: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/506F: 68      PLA
C3/5070: 20E004  JSR $04E0     (turn spell progress into digits)
C3/5073: A5F8    LDA $F8
C3/5075: 8D8021  STA $2180     (draw the tens digit)
C3/5078: A5F9    LDA $F9
C3/507A: 8D8021  STA $2180     (draw the ones digit)
C3/507D: A9CD    LDA #$CD      (the "%" character in the font)
C3/507F: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5082: 9C8021  STZ $2180
C3/5085: 4CD97F  JMP $7FD9     (draw the contents of $2180)

C3/5088: A924    LDA #$24
C3/508A: 8529    STA $29       (set text color to...dunno)
C3/508C: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/508F: 204D51  JSR $514D     (determine if spells are useable?)
C3/5092: A9FF    LDA #$FF
C3/5094: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/5097: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/509A: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/509D: 8D8021  STA $2180     (four spaces, blank out spell's learn rate since it's already learned)
C3/50A0: 80E0    BRA $5082

Get spell's learned amount, or, if it's Gogo, branch below to check everybody
else in the party.
C3/50A2: 85E0    STA $E0
C3/50A4: 20DD4E  JSR $4EDD
C3/50A7: B90000  LDA $0000,Y
C3/50AA: C90C    CMP #$0C
C3/50AC: F017    BEQ $50C5     (Branch if it's Gogo)
C3/50AE: 8D0242  STA $4202
C3/50B1: A936    LDA #$36
C3/50B3: 8D0342  STA $4203
C3/50B6: 7B      TDC
C3/50B7: A5E0    LDA $E0
C3/50B9: C220    REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/50BB: 6D1642  ADC $4216
C3/50BE: AA      TAX
C3/50BF: E220    SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/50C1: BD6E1A  LDA $1A6E,X
C3/50C4: 60      RTS
C3/50C5: 64E1    STZ $E1
C3/50C7: 7B      TDC
C3/50C8: A5E1    LDA $E1
C3/50CA: C528    CMP $28
C3/50CC: F014    BEQ $50E2
C3/50CE: 0A      ASL A
C3/50CF: AA      TAX
C3/50D0: B46D    LDY $6D,X
C3/50D2: F00E    BEQ $50E2
C3/50D4: B90000  LDA $0000,Y
C3/50D7: C90C    CMP #$0C
C3/50D9: B007    BCS $50E2      (Branch if it's Gogo or higher)
C3/50DB: 20AE50  JSR $50AE
C3/50DE: C9FF    CMP #$FF
C3/50E0: F009    BEQ $50EB
C3/50E2: E6E1    INC $E1
C3/50E4: A5E1    LDA $E1
C3/50E6: C904    CMP #$04
C3/50E8: D0DD    BNE $50C7
C3/50EA: 7B      TDC
C3/50EB: 60      RTS
C3/50EC: 7B      TDC
C3/50ED: A5E5    LDA $E5
C3/50EF: AA      TAX
C3/50F0: BF899D7E LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/50F4: 60      RTS
C3/50F5: 48      PHA
C3/50F6: AD1242  LDA $4212
C3/50F9: 2940    AND #$40
C3/50FB: F0F9    BEQ $50F6      (branch if not in H-blank)
C3/50FD: 68      PLA
C3/50FE: 8D1B21  STA $211B
C3/5101: 9C1B21  STZ $211B
C3/5104: A90E    LDA #$0E (14 = width of magic struct)
C3/5106: 8D1C21  STA $211C
C3/5109: 8D1C21  STA $211C
C3/510C: 60      RTS
C3/510D: 48      PHA            (save current spell)
C3/510E: 20F550  JSR $50F5
C3/5111: AE3421  LDX $2134
C3/5114: BFC56AC4 LDA $C46AC5,X  (magic data, MP cost)
C3/5118: 85E0    STA $E0        (store MP cost)
C3/511A: 68      PLA            (get current spell)
C3/511B: C999    CMP #$99       (is the current spell Step Mine?)
C3/511D: D00F    BNE $512E      (branch if not)
C3/511F: AD1B02  LDA $021B
C3/5122: 0A      ASL A
C3/5123: 85E0    STA $E0
C3/5125: AD1C02  LDA $021C
C3/5128: C91E    CMP #$1E
C3/512A: 9002    BCC $512E
C3/512C: E6E0    INC $E0        (add 1 to MP cost)
C3/512E: ADD711  LDA $11D7
C3/5131: 8940    BIT #$40       (Is "reduce MP consumption to 1" bit set?)
C3/5133: F005    BEQ $513A      (this could branch to the BIT #$20...)
C3/5135: 7B      TDC            (to keep the upper 8 bits of A clean...)
C3/5136: A901    LDA #$01       (MP cost is 1)
C3/5138: 8011    BRA $514B
C3/513A: ADD711  LDA $11D7
C3/513D: 8920    BIT #$20       (Is "halve MP consumption" bit set?)
C3/513F: F007    BEQ $5148
C3/5141: 7B      TDC            (to keep the upper 8 bits of A clean...)
C3/5142: A5E0    LDA $E0        (load current MP cost)
C3/5144: 1A      INC A          (add one so it rounds up)
C3/5145: 4A      LSR A          (cut in half)
C3/5146: 8003    BRA $514B
C3/5148: 7B      TDC            (to keep the upper 8 bits of A clean...)
C3/5149: A5E0    LDA $E0        (load MP cost)
C3/514B: AA      TAX            (transfer MP cost to X)
C3/514C: 60      RTS
C3/514D: C92A    CMP #$2A
C3/514F: F02A    BEQ $517B      (branch if spell is Warp)
C3/5151: C912    CMP #$12
C3/5153: F019    BEQ $516E      (branch if spell is X-zone)
C3/5155: 20F550  JSR $50F5
C3/5158: AE3421  LDX $2134
C3/515B: BFC36AC4 LDA $C46AC3,X  (Magic data, where used/damage type)
C3/515F: 2901    AND #$01
C3/5161: F009    BEQ $516C      (this can BRA to $51B9 just as easily)
C3/5163: 20EC50  JSR $50EC      (get the current spell to check)
C3/5166: 200D51  JSR $510D      (get MP cost)
C3/5169: 4C8851  JMP $5188      (BRA would work here)

C3/516C: 804B    BRA $51B9
C3/516E: 85E3    STA $E3
C3/5170: AD0102  LDA $0201      (load availability bits)
C3/5173: 8901    BIT #$01       (check for...?)
C3/5175: F0F5    BEQ $516C      (branch if not able to, and really, it can branch to $51B9 from here on its own easily enough)
C3/5177: A5E3    LDA $E3
C3/5179: 80DA    BRA $5155
C3/517B: 85E3    STA $E3
C3/517D: AD0102  LDA $0201
C3/5180: 8902    BIT #$02      (check for Warp useage)
C3/5182: F0E8    BEQ $516C     (branch if you can't Warp)
C3/5184: A5E3    LDA $E3
C3/5186: 80CD    BRA $5155
C3/5188: 86E2    STX $E2
C3/518A: 20DD4E  JSR $4EDD
C3/518D: B91400  LDA $0014,Y (Statuses)
C3/5190: 2920    AND #$20
C3/5192: F007    BEQ $519B
C3/5194: 20EC50  JSR $50EC     (get the current spell to check)
C3/5197: C923    CMP #$23
C3/5199: D01E    BNE $51B9     (branch if spell is Imp)
C3/519B: C220    REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/519D: B90D00  LDA $000D,Y
C3/51A0: 85E0    STA $E0
C3/51A2: E220    SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/51A4: A6E2    LDX $E2
C3/51A6: E4E0    CPX $E0
C3/51A8: F002    BEQ $51AC
C3/51AA: B00D    BCS $51B9      (branch if spell isn't useable)
C3/51AC: 7B      TDC
C3/51AD: A5E5    LDA $E5
C3/51AF: AA      TAX
C3/51B0: A920    LDA #$20
C3/51B2: 8529    STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/51B4: 9F099E7E STA $7E9E09,X
C3/51B8: 60      RTS
C3/51B9: 7B      TDC
C3/51BA: A5E5    LDA $E5
C3/51BC: AA      TAX
C3/51BD: A928    LDA #$28
C3/51BF: 8529    STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/51C1: 9F099E7E STA $7E9E09,X
C3/51C5: 60      RTS
C3/51C6: A920    LDA #$20
C3/51C8: 8529    STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/51CA: C220    REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/51CC: A9BF81  LDA #$81BF     (position of MP cost)
C3/51CF: 8F899E7E STA $7E9E89
C3/51D3: E220    SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/51D5: A28B9E  LDX #$9E8B     (where to look in VRAM)
C3/51D8: 8E8121  STX $2181
C3/51DB: 7B      TDC
C3/51DC: A54B    LDA $4B
C3/51DE: AA      TAX
C3/51DF: BF899D7E LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/51E3: 200D51  JSR $510D      (get MP cost)
C3/51E6: 20E004  JSR $04E0      (turn MP cost into digits)
C3/51E9: A5F8    LDA $F8
C3/51EB: 8D8021  STA $2180
C3/51EE: A5F9    LDA $F9
C3/51F0: 8D8021  STA $2180      (MP cost in the upper right hand corner of the menu)
C3/51F3: 9C8021  STZ $2180
C3/51F6: 4CD97F  JMP $7FD9

What you seek is at C3/5070, as you'll need to insert a couple extra instructions (LDA $F7, STA $2180) after the JSR $04E0, to get 3 digits displayed. This may cause some bleeding in certain situations, so you may need to insert an extra STA $2180 at C3/5094 to clean it up.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Movies of playthrus
« on: May 11, 2008, 01:57:33 AM »
Got one of Starcraft now. This time around, Skiffles and myself play Rolling Plains, and I get stuck in a bottleneck, simply because of how we were positioned. It was a 4v4, and one of our allies (orange) died very very early, which was an omen of things to come. I was Terran, Skiffles was Protoss, and we had a Zerg ally (brown). Because of the situation I knew we would be in, I build up as quickly as possible and bunker down for a long defensive struggle. What would ensue is a cat and mouse game that would last for a while, and considering we were outnumbered for as long as we were, we did fairly well.

Requires v1.15.2 and Broodwar to see, but damn is it worth it. :omg:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Movies of playthrus
« on: May 10, 2008, 09:49:48 PM »
Ok, 4 movies will be posted sometime within the week. Two of Dynasty Warriors 6, two of Warriors Orochi. Both have a single player and multiplayer movie. All four combined are 1.6 gigs (all are 640x480 in reso, and have really good quality. not H.264 but at this rate who could tell?) The two DW6 movies will be about 750 megs in size (the smallest movie of all four is our DW6 multiplayer run).
My apologies for it taking as long as it did, but I don't have control over the situation. Right now, only the two Dynasty Warriors 6 movies are up.  (Multiplayer and Single player)

The two Warriors Orochi movies are still in the process of uploading, and I'll update this post with those two links when they're done. (Single player and Multiplayer)


General Discussion / Re: Bought a new computer
« on: May 10, 2008, 12:50:57 PM »
Cheaper to replace ram than to buy a new OS.
Not if he already has XP, in which case it costs $0 to switch. :omg:

*loves his XP Home; will never relinquish it*
Sadly, I've been drawn to it as well. If given the choice, I probably wouldn't go back to 2k unless I had a very specific reason now. :sad:

So as you can see it outclasses my old one in every way possible...
Both of your machines completely slaughter mine, but then again, I think everybody's machine here completely slaughters mine. :happy: Sounds like a good buy.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Movies of playthrus
« on: May 06, 2008, 05:36:53 PM »
After much discussion in #rom-hacking about a solo character run in FF1, I decided to give it a try. This is my attempt. It goes from start to finish, ending with a rather curious attack selection at Chaos. Requires Nestopia v1.38 to watch.

By no means is it fast, as parts 6 and 7 are the two longest (I think) of all the parts. Part 6 is probably upwards of 3-4 hours, so take heed if you choose to watch that segment. Part 7 is about 2 hours, which is entirely a leveling session in the Ice Cave, though after that I decide to finish off the other three Fiends.

How this will work is I'll setup an ebay auction to make it legitimate
I'm out, then. Considering that there are a few games on that list I would like (Chrono Trigger, FF4, Legend of Mana, Secret of Mana, Star Ocean 2, and Suikoden), it makes me sad knowing I can't participate. Considering the money you're asking for, I doubt I could afford any of them anyway... :sad:

 :eek: Under weird circumstances, that could've been very awkward.

Thursday was an interesting day, not Twilight Zone, but just odd. On Thursday, my grandma, my uncle, and myself went downtown to get grandma checked up. Believe it or not, things went quickly, and we couldn't have spent more than 1 hour in town. But then we returned home. I proceed to put the key in the door to unlock it. Door knob would not turn. I thought to myself "oh, wonderful." I turned back at them and said, "it won't open." Door: 1, us: 0.

My uncle then proceeds to try and turn the knob, and he can't get it open. Door: 2, us: 0. He then went into his van to get some tools. He slipped some flexible steel in to try and get the latch to go, but nothing. Door: 3, us: 0. He then thought about other ways in, but all windows were locked. He tries the door again, and again nothing. Door: 4, us: 0. He goes back to his van, and gets more tools, one of which was a crowbar. He slides the steel and the crowbar in, and tries to get the latch pried, but it still won't go. Door: 5, us: 0.

He returns to his van one more time to get a second crowbar, and he slips both in, and after some prying, the door finally opens. Door: 5, us: 1.

As it turns out, this door knob and lock are both older than I am (which isn't a surprise, since there are a lot of things in this house older than me). Needless to say, the door can no longer be unlocked from the outside, and it's kinda annoying unlocking it from the inside. Once Monday or Tuesday roll around, new door knob! :wtf:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Dynasty Warriors 6...
« on: April 26, 2008, 12:22:25 PM »
[spoiler]1. The officers' names disappear and reappear randomly. This really hurts when playing multiplayer, where you can barely see your half of the screen anyway. When you're sitting there whacking away at an officer, and then they manage to evade you simply because their name disappears and you can't figure out where they went.[/spoiler]
I didn't have so much of a problem with this, but maybe that's because my buddy was playing as Lu Bu (level 23), and me as Ma Chao (level 32).

[spoiler]2. There aren't enough healing items. If you get low on health (which will definitely happen in every stage you play, even on Easy difficulty), you have to go find a healing item. In all other Warriors games, enemies were capable of dropping these. Not in DW6. You have to search the map for a lone barrel or crate and hope it holds a healing item. This also means there are only a limited amount of healing items you can get in an entire stage.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]It seems the bases you conquer have a lot of healing items spawned.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]3. Enemy officers are too damn hard. Seriously. Sure, you take away my healing items, but then you have to make enemies hit freakin hard too? The makers of this game were cruel. I try to kill Dong Zhuo in the very first stage on easy, and he whallops me and takes me down to a sliver of life with a single 3-4 hit combo. That means I have to go find a healing item (I spent 3 minutes trying to find one.) So anyway, after I find the healing item...I go back to finish off Dong Zhuo, and LU BU is in there and kills me in one hit. ONE HIT! On Easy mode! This game is ridiculous.[/spoiler]
Can't say I didn't see this coming.

[spoiler]I warned you young-uns that Lu Bu was back to his old difficulty![/spoiler]

I generally agree with this sentiment though.

[spoiler]4. The skills system. This is the first Dynasty Warriors game which allows a variety of different ways to build each character. I hate this method, I'm the type who likes to build characters to their maximum. When you are forced to choose your skills to where you can't eventually have all of them, that means there really isn't a maximum, and you could mess up your skill tree and then be entirely screwed unless you wanna restart your character. It's simply annoying, to say the least. My brother screwed up his character because he didn't realize he couldn't go a certain way until after it was too late.[/spoiler]
Actually, I don't think it's possible for that to happen.

[spoiler]If I'm not mistaken, there's 49 nodes on the board, and your max level is 50. Although I could easily be mistaken, so I'd have to double check.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]5. Lag. In the old DW games, when there were too many soldiers on-screen, soldiers would temporarily disappear in order to prevent lag. Not in this one. They figured they didn't want that fade effect anymore, instead they try to mash every single soldier onto the screen and the game ends up lagging like crazy. Seriously, this is PS3, for god's sake. Utilize its potential, Koei. Ugh.[/spoiler]
This is the first non-Samurai game to be as bad as Samurai in this regard. I can assure you, it wasn't much better on the Xbox either.

[spoiler]6. What happened to the 4-5-6-hit combo method? Instead it's just like a constant "mash the square button" type's more like you have a one-hit combo with a shorter pause between attacks. I liked being able to utilize the number of hits I had in order to make square-triangle combos. Triangle is useless now, because you always do the same thing and it will always take the same amount of time to use a triangle combo. There's no triangle combos, because there's no #-hit combos. They tried to make it constant and linear, but it just sucks. It gives officers opportunity to whack you in between hits.[/spoiler]
Yeah, I'm really not liking this one.

[spoiler]The game became "keep hitting A to win," a la Final Fantasy 7. In this case, replace "A" with "square" or "B," depending on your system.[/spoiler]

Overall, there's not one thing I like better in DW6 over DW5, or even over DW4. It's a disaster, it's too hard, and the change they were going for was a change in the wrong direction, I believe. I'm sticking with DW5. (or Warriors Orochi, actually. That one's best.)
Personally, I'm sticking with 4 (now that I have it), but I'll also keep going with Samurai 2, DW5 (5, XL, and E), and Warriors Orochi.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Movies of playthrus
« on: April 23, 2008, 05:23:56 PM »
Thanks to Shinrin, I was inspired to do this. It's a run of FF1 in Dawn of Souls, which goes all the way until all four bonus dungeons are completed. See the commentary for more. Made with VisualBoyAdvance v1.71

[spoiler=Movie, parts 1-3]Part 1: Goes pretty smoothly, and ends when I decide to brave the Penninsula of Power.

Part 2: The time spent here is more meant for money than leveling, though the two go hand in hand here. However, after this large leveling session much of the story progresses. Movie ends at the entrance to the Ice Cave.

Part 3: Much ado about collecting. My run in the Ice Cave was much luckier than I expected, though my luck doesn't end there. Ends when I land at the Yahnikurm Desert.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, parts 4 & 5]Part 4: More time is spent leveling, but this time for the sake of leveling, to prepare for what awaits at the Temple of Chaos and the four bonus dungeons. Included are a couple of surprise encounters... Ends in the bowels of the Temple of Chaos.

More time spend in the bowels. It's the fastest spot to level in the entire game, so I decide to spend as much time as I realistically can down there. Interesting note, when each movie ends is when I made a fork to try and take out Chaos. All attempts ended in failure.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, part 6]First movie involving the new dungeons, my first victim was the Earth dungeon. To take out all four bosses, I make four runs in. All four bosses die rather quickly. Ends near the entrance to the Ice Cave.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, part 7]And now, the water dungeon. :eek: I'm not sure what possessed me to do the longest dungeon second, but I had a gut feeling that I would survive fairly easily in there. My feeling was confirmed for the most part.....until I got to Deathgaze...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, part 8]Now begins my runs in the fire dungeon. I ultimately make a crucial mistake, and wind up never fighting Rubicante. :sad:[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, part 9]I park at Melmond, only to backtrack back to the airship. This segment is entirely a leveling session in the Floating Castle.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, part 10]Run 1 of the water dungeon. My target first was Omega, since he's the harder of the two.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Movie, part 11]Run 2 of the water dungeon. The only target left was Shinryu...[/spoiler]

And that, as they say, is that.