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General Discussion / Re: NFL season 2014-2015 week 15
« on: December 10, 2014, 12:28:04 PM »
Now that we're back up and running again, it's time for us to resume!

Week 15 schedule:
Cardinals @ Rams (Thursday)
Steelers @ Falcons
Redskins @ Giants (division)
Dolphins @ Patriots (division)
Raiders @ Chiefs (division)
Texans @ Colts (division)
Jaguars @ Ravens
Packers @ Bills
Buccaneers @ Panthers (division)
Bengals @ Browns (division)
Jets @ Titans
Broncos @ Chargers (division)
Vikings @ Lions (division)
49'ers @ Seahawks (division)
Cowboys @ Eagles (division)
Saints @ Bears (Monday)

My week 15 picks:
Cardinals, Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Chiefs, Colts, Ravens, Packers, Panthers, Browns, Titans, Chargers, Lions, Seahawks, Cowboys, Bears

Week 16 schedule:
Titans @ Jaguars (division, Thursday)
Eagles @ Redskins (division, Saturday)
Chargers @ 49'ers (Saturday)
Vikings @ Dolphins
Ravens @ Texans
Lions @ Bears (division)
Browns @ Panthers
Falcons @ Saints (division)
Packers @ Buccaneers
Chiefs @ Steelers
Patriots @ Jets (division)
Giants @ Rams
Bills @ Raiders
Colts @ Cowboys
Seahawks @ Cardinals (division)
Broncos @ Bengals (Monday)

My week 16 picks:
Jaguars, Eagles, 49'ers, Vikings, Ravens, Lions, Panthers, Saints, Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Rams, Bills, Colts, Cardinals, Broncos

Week 17 schedule, all games are division games:
Panthers @ Falcons
Browns @ Ravens
Cowboys @ Redskins
Colts @ Titans
Lions @ Packers
Jaguars @ Texans
Chargers @ Chiefs
Jets @ Dolphins
Bears @ Vikings
Bills @ Patriots
Eagles @ Giants
Bengals @ Steelers
Saints @ Buccaneers
Raiders @ Broncos
Cardinals @ 49'ers
Rams @ Seahawks

My week 17 picks:
Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Colts, Packers, Texans, Chiefs, Dolphins, Vikings, Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Buccaneers, Broncos, 49'ers, Seahawks.

YEAH! NFC South winner is 7-9! :omg:

General Discussion / Re: Wiki thread
« on: December 09, 2014, 01:12:15 AM »
The wiki's login is tied to the SMF token, which I thought had been working? I must have messed with the settings since then to break it again. I shall indeed check it out.

another offender is 2nd level quotes.  ex:
i like trucks
i too like trucks.

3rd level and beyond seem okay.
Tweaking shall be done!

and very minor: the "Post" and "Preview" buttons lighting up when the cursor's over them, you can't read what they say.  could hurt those with amnesia.
Those buttons are important! Don't forget about them! :shadow:

didn't the older SMF resize avatars if they're too big, or at the very least tell us what the pixel or filesize limitations were?  this one's quite mum on the matter.
This one should be, and I'm fairly certain the limit is 128x128. I'll check it out.

General Discussion / Re: Wiki thread
« on: December 08, 2014, 08:59:59 AM »
The wiki is there for extreme details when it comes to the games covered by this site and the board. Since FF4 and FF6 are the two heaviest in detail, they'll probably get a lot of love.

I don't really have a format in mind in terms of how anything on the wiki should look. That will be up to the community.

Submissions / Re: FF5 Mute English Graphics Patch v1.0
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:34:51 PM »
Several things submitted from this year and last haven't been put up yet. That's 100% on me. Had a lot going on where I haven't had time to do things here, or I've been too burnt out from other things to really care.

That said, I have a plan to help alleviate the downturn. The wiki is part of that plan.

Ok, editing the stylesheet was really easy, how does it look now?

Maybe I should just get rid of the blueandyellow theme? It looked good at first, but there's been a lot of complaints about it already since last night.

I don't know why his site redirects like that. I know he has content, but for some reason it's not working. :bah:

I also think it's hilarious that trying to toss in wiki support allows me to find what I need to add buttons to the top bar like that. It eluded us for so long. :bah:

Slick News / Re: We're back!
« on: December 07, 2014, 10:34:37 AM »
Glad everything's still intact.
Remains to be seen. :tongue:  I mean, uhh......yeah! :wink:

Slick News / Re: We're back!
« on: December 06, 2014, 11:26:02 PM »
Profile -> Look and Layout

It'll be the top option.

Slick News / We're back!
« on: December 06, 2014, 09:54:46 PM »
It only took...well nevermind. You guys know how long it took. :blush: My sincerest apologies for the delay. Hopefully everything can stop being broken soonish.

So, we're back! And I may have broken everything in the process! I'm working on it! :p :picard:

I guess the one good thing that came out of this was the server database never had to be restored, since it was never destroyed at all. :cycle:

General Discussion / Re: Emergency
« on: October 22, 2014, 01:30:02 AM »
On Saturday, October 25 I intend on taking this board down to explode it and put a brand new one on top of it. If all goes well (I just jinxed myself), the new board should have everything from the September database dump.

assassin asked me if PMs would be included in this dump, and I can honestly say I do not know, and I don't know how to check. You guys better save any PMs you want to keep, because I can't guarantee they'll still be there! If this isn't enough warning for some of you, I can push it back a day or two, but this delay has gone on long enough and this needs to get done.

See you guys Saturday! :cycle:

General Discussion / Re: NFL season 2014-2015 week 4
« on: October 18, 2014, 10:38:19 PM »
Let's just count the last couple of weeks as wins for everyone and call it even. :cycle:

General Discussion / Re: NFL season 2014-2015 week 4
« on: October 16, 2014, 03:21:33 PM »
Actually, since the board is being imploded and the database has been dumped already, I wasn't going to make any useless posts that are destined for the DELETED! section. :laugh: