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Game 1: Rockman no Constancy
Artist: Various, Arranged by IKA
Copyright: 2007 IKA
Tagged: Miracon
Ripper: unlabeled

Game 2: Rockman 2 Grayzone
Artist: WINED
Copyright: 2009 Function 20
Tagged: Miracon
Ripper: Gil Galad

Game 3: Mega Man Ultra
Artist: Various, Arranged by Infidelity
Copyright: 2005, 2006 Infidelity
Tagged: Miracon
Ripper: unlabeled

So I'm labeling these romhack tracks, and you know what I should do? Forget about it entirely for two months. The next batch won't take nearly so long, I swear.

By the way, before anyone brings it up, Grayzone's Airman label is correct. It's taken from the author's official webpage on the subject. The kicker here is that in the Japanese version of the source, those two tracks were mixed up. They still work pretty well in each other's contexts.

[attachment deleted by admin]

[attachment deleted by admin]

Game 1: Rockman 2 Minimum
Artist: Tar
Copyright: 1988 Capcom, 2008 Tar
Tagged: Miracon (aka PirateInSpace on YT)
Ripper: I'm assuming it was Insectduel. The NSF files being tagged were taken from his webpage.

Game 2: Rockman Deus Ex Machina
Artist: IKA
Copyright: 1988 Capcom, 2007 MISTY
Tagged: Miracon
Ripper: Insectduel

Game 3: Rockman Exhaust
Artist: DHI
Copyright: 1988 Capcom, 2005 DHI
Tagged: Miracon
Ripper: Insectduel

Like Megaman? Like romhacks? Like chiptunes? Then you'll love these submissions. A while back I got the idea to tag various hack NSFs for submission, using comments on various video sites (plus copious amounts of googling) to help fill in tracks I couldn't identify on my own. As it turned out, the first one I tried was Exhaust. Well, DHI likes some ...obscure sources. Googling after some of the tracks there led to a japanese page listing everything known for 13 different Rockman/Megaman 2 hacks. I've been working on editing that into english, and afterwards getting tagging and timing work done. Everything is close to done at this point, so here's the first wave of submissions!

Resubmissions of the three currently on the site will probably be next. Ultra and GrayZone are missing a few tags, and No Constancy is missing times.

As an extra request, does anyone have a page or a wiki where the whole BGM list could be hosted? Currently I have it as a .txt file, but it would look a lot nicer and be more accessible with proper tables and html.

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